New SYKO movie?????

Does any one know is there is another movie comin out from syko??? is dan heaton workin on producing another sweet movie??? if so when???

I still haven’t gotten to see any of the ones already out. :frowning:

(EDIT)Sorry for not answering your question, but I haven’t heard anything about a new movie yet.(/EDIT)

No, I heard defect would probably be the last.

i have heard anything…but ihope what you say is trueim still waiting to get U2 and defect!

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I Want More!!!

i heard a rumor about something called hazard… but that was a rumor.

Justin Kohse is making a DVD he said…

Defect kicked ass. i’ve only seen the previews (of U2) available from the universe 2 site. From what i saw the camera work was pretty, well, “dynamic”. Head mounted cameras with full 360 rotate. Pretty awesome.

I believe Shaun Johanneson and his crew were working on a movie called Hazard a while ago, but never finished, or somethin…

i ordered defect a while back from the syko website and i havent recieved it yet, how often does dan check the orders on his site? does anyone know?
the site hasnt been updated in about forever.

nevermind my last post, i just got an email from Dan and he is out of stock of Defect.

hazard is shaun j.s and kelly h.s. they never made it though

in dan heatons myspace(assuming its really his not an imposter) it says something about an upcoming biography movie or something

i emailed him and he said that the website software wouldnt take his upgrades.

i think its up to the future (kids) of extreme unicycling to take up the reins and either continue syko or start working up some of their own videos.

Hazard was I vid Keaton and I made about two years ago. It’s done and over, and really dumb. Right now i’m undergoing a promo vid for bedford syko and KHU, should be about 4 to 5 minutes long (trailer out tomorrow) and have the best street i’m capable of. As for another movie by syko, i’m not sure, I believe he is busy with other things, but Justin is making a video. It might be a long stetch of just internet videos for awhile. But keaton and I are looking into a full length video over the summer (if we road trip, and get the hook up at how to mass produce it). We’ll keep you updated.
-Shaun Johanneson

Ya gotta check them out! The opening shot of the U2 trailer broke my mind… I’d seen one guy attempt a grind, but I thought he was being a smart-ass. Then I see Dan nail a grind on a railing… Sweetness.

I hope there’s more videos coming out. I know Brian MacKenzie is working on one, which will be cool.

Dan said hes not makin anymore vids, but one might be commin from Europe sometimes soon, maybe form the Koxx team…

On myspace it says Dan is only 15! So either it is an imposter or he hasn’t updated his age but I think myspace automatically updates the age so somethings fishy here…

i noticed that too, i think he may have done his birthday ten years too early, because isnt he 25? but “his girlfriend” allways leaves comments, so im pretty convinced its him. also there’s some pictures ythat ive never seen, also his bio is pretty in depth

Dan are you out there? Is it really you?