New Swedish movie: Demo 99'

Here’s my and Simon Jatkos new movie

You can download it at:


Another fantastic movie, thats like 2 in 2 days. Thats a saver & a keeper, just like your previous one. I loved the crankflips, and the crankflip to wheel walk was awesome. Nice little bails section too, and the inclusion of little shots & bits of video helped give it a unique feel. Very nice, you’ve improved a lot since the last epic.


That was really well put together. the crankflip to wheelwalk made me drool. I can’t wait to get out and try and learn some of those things. awesome!

wow, that was a NICE video…

man, REALLY makes me regret that I wasn’t able to get much filmed this sumemr for my own movie…

keep it up.

Man that was a great movie. The crankflip to ww was very creative.

I’ll have to watch it again…

BAD Owen, bad bad bad!


nice vid… I like the sgons… good edit as well

I didnt see the other one,were can i find it? I havent finished downloading this one either.

The name of the file is “simon och andreas.wmv” and I see it at
If you’re stingy, there’s also a lower-quality verson there.

Hey guys, That was a beautifully done movie! I enjoyed it. Thanks!

That. Was. The coolest. Trick. I’ve. EVER SEEN. That was AMAZING!
seriously. i loved that movie. those kinds of movies are ones you want to watch over and over and over and over and over and over again! Nicely done, guys!

Bump, because this movie just deserves to be around a while longer.

it´s from sweden!
I´m from sweden.
Does that mean i’m as cool as Andreas and Simon?

wow! once again that was a nice nice vid. there seems to be a lot of good ones ive seen lately. the editing and riding were really good. keep it up. and thatnks for putting in those 360 unispins- i can never get anough man.

Really, really nice!

Halfway I catched “Schitterend”.

And that last song, was it of the Cardigans?

No, only that change is big you are riding my very-favourite brand of car.

thanks for all the comments, and hopefully I’ll make a better effort next summer.

the last song is by Elin Sigvarsson and the title is Yellow Me.

peace out -

That was some very nice editing! As well as awesome tricks I was very impressed with the editing composition, music choice and chill out feel.

I suggest you try and get hold of some professional quality video cameras, make another film and submit it to a film festival or competition. I would LOVE to see what you guys could do with a widescreen format camera and glide cam.

yeah thanks, I will make a high quality movie next summer with professinoal quality cameras so check out for it in a year hehe.

Acctually, that was pretty good quality for an online video.

Ever thought about making an all out full fledged DVD?

if the next will come at dvd hell yeah i will buy it ;D:D