new sun have questions

just wondering how the sun 20" is i just got it for christmas and wondering if its good or cheap?

Which Sun is it? If it is the Chrome one, it is entry level, but it will be a great unicycle if you are learning to ride. If you want to start doing things like hopping or dropping off things, you will want to upgrade. Until the though, enjoy your Sun. It will serve you well.

I agree sun a great for learning and you should upgrade in you are going to do some intense riding, the sun should be good for a while. I learned on a 20 inch torker cx and I rode the wheel off of it doing tricks and drops.


Sun unicycles are generally very good for beginners, and highly recommended. However, before you start doing tricks and learning other stuff, I would suggest that you upgrade, as Sun unicycles are not meant to withstand these types and amounts of pressure.