New Summit, and dorm room uni-storage solution

Yeah for hanging stuff from the ceiling!




how many unis did you bring to college? Thats crazy


Thanks for the idea.:smiley:

Great! Except, my last college room had a 14ft ceiling, couldn’t even reach the light fititngs riding a 5 1/2 ft giraffe in there.

Then install a Unicycle Hoist

lol nice idea, but they’re not too keen on you driliing holes in their walls or ceilings.

Holes can be filled with toothpaste :wink:
I’m lucky, I have a balcony at my apartment… The problem is getting 2 unis and books and my laptop down to school for a day of classes + uni club meeting. I need to try and figure out how to get it all on the bike rack…

Don’t use Toothpaste, Dap now makes proper spackle in a gluestick type tube, that even has a built in putty knife, and the whole thing only costs about $3. If you’re going to fix something do it right.

Luckily I just happen to have metal conduit running through my room attached to the ceiling. Only has room for 2 unis though, unless I can figure out a way to store them sideways along the conduit. Hmmm…