New Summer Tricks

Hi, in this thread you can tell about all new things that have happend to you (unicycle related) in your summer. Somthing like this, new unicycle/unicycle gear, new tricks, cool lines, new sponsorship. Feel free to throw a video on the thread.

NAUCC '09. It was the best thing ever.

i filmed this and i think tomorrow there will come a vid with flat of myself that was to much for this vid and some new combos

I’m getting rollos and twisted pc pedals tomorrow:D

But I love coming back home and being inspired to learn and do new awesome stuff.

i’ve learnt a lot of new things!

540 unispin, treyflip, doubleflip, 5 pallets sidehop, duoble and trey down a 2 stair, inflip down a 3 stair, regot superroll and i’m so freakingly close to rolling 360 sidespin (have got one static)…

I’ve also got a carbon seat base for my black zebra and KH 09 rim

me too i learned 180 flip,hickflip,blind hickflip,outflip ,sexchange,back and fakieflip,hickbackflip and treyflip and im so close to doubleflips (1handed)
and i learned much cool flatcombos

I have got
doubles 2handed then 1
rollingwrap 2x
84cm. hop
270 unispin down
blind 360 sidespin

yeah i finished my new flat vid it´s uploading i´ll post it soon :wink:

i got

around 83 - 85 static sidehop :slight_smile:
4 stair sidehop
rolling wrap

injured ankle for 3 weeks :angry: !

rolling 3spins
relearned crankflip :stuck_out_tongue:

These last coupla weeks i’v got…

Backroll-unispin combos
Backroll-Body varial combos
Rolling Wrap
Rolling 360s
Backroll, then a varial out.

And only one popped tyre :stuck_out_tongue: