New Style KH Tbar Problem

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’ve had my KH Tbar a couple of days now, and I’ve noticed a problem that the old style didn’t have…
Because the bar ends go above and below the tbar, it gets in the way of me wrapping a couple of fingers all the way around the grips. On the old style the bar ends were all above the tbar, so this wasn’t a problem.

Does anyone else have this problem?
I’m just wondering if I’ve installed them incorrectly, or if its something I’ll have to get used to?

Here’s a pic showing what I mean.

Installed right. Get used to it or change them.
Thats why I chose the BBB lightstraigth over theese. I brake with my widdle finger and want to have the two neighbouring fingers wrapped around the handle well.
Maybe you can spread your fingers so that the cross section of the T bar goes between you middle and your ring finger or even between you ring finger and your pinky.

Thanks for the suggestion Eric. Unfortunately having the bar between fingers isn’t comfortable. I’m gonna have to buy new bar ends I think :frowning:

I remember beeing at the LBS there were theese rubber bar ends in different lengths. Maybe you have the short version and should try the long version.
BBB Ergosticks available in 100mm and 110mm
And there were also versions by other manufacturers that could also have different lengths

I’ve never used those particular bar ends but they look to me like they might actually be more comfortable mounted backwards. That way your thumb would rest on top of the thin flat part and your index finger underneath it. Worth a try anyway!

Thanks again for the suggestions Eric, but lightbulbjim has found me a solution, mounting backwards works! They seem a lot comfier :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know how much comfier they are after my ride to work n back.

Thanks very much Lightbulbjim!

Forgot to post a pic…

That’s a pretty cool idea!
I love mine too, and they handle better seeing the ground up close. :slight_smile:

Though when I dismount with the uni behind me, they tend to get caught in my shorts! Not cool.

When the ends wear out or become damaged - check out Ebay for replacements.
Search for “Rubber Pair Mountain Bicycle Cycling Handlebar Hand Bar 22.2mm End Grip”

Glad it worked :slight_smile:

Just to update on this. I rode to work and back with the bar ends backwards, and it was so comfortable I’ve decided I don’t need to buy new ones tomorrow :slight_smile:

Amazon also has replacement grips in case you need to replace yours or want to switch around your set up. Search “bike bar end grips” and there are quite a few options. I just replaced my worn out stock grips with a beefier pair that aren’t so contoured. They’re working really well.

That’s funny- I guess I have been riding with mine upside down the whole time. Anyway I love them this way- the short ends make nice thumb rests/grips.

KH tbar1.jpg