New style aero bars for 36er

Just got these new profile aero bars called “Air stryke”, and they’re a newer, much more adjustable design. What I really like is that now you can adjust the length as well as angle.

But the coolest new feature is that the elbow/arm rest pads flip up and out of the way for climbing. I’ll be trying them out on a long ride tomorrow, and I’ll see how they perform.

I totally forgot the other BIG advantage/benefit to the “flip up” pads design, is that in the event of a upd, they will instantly flip up and out of the way of your legs! :slight_smile:

They sure look cool. From the second picture, it looks as if the elbow pads only partly flip up. There could still be a conflict with your legs. Please share how you fare in a (future) upd.
And that’s quite an extended handlebar to lean on - can the seat/seatpost interface and the KH-type clamp connecting the seat to the handlebar handle the moment?

It seems solid enough, but I guess I’ll have to ride it for some distance to be sure. The rest pads do flip up from flat to at least a 45% angle, which is enough to clear it, in the event of a upd. I got on and just dropped off the front after releasing the handle, and no clearance problem. :slight_smile:

Here’s another view in the up position. The difference in width is a tad over 5". About 13" outside to outside when in use (flat) and just under 8" when up.