New Stuff...Check it out

Ok well you can come to my house and fix my cammy and see the frame at the same time.

I don’t like your camera though.

Plus I’m trying to think up a plan to build a mod trials frame… I need some crappy mountain bike to steal the crank set from. Also a set of bars, I already have a frame to take parts from (Drop outs, head tube, bottom bracket).

Yeah I’m bored, and I want to build a trials bike. I enjoy building and putting stuff together more than riding…

Fine then…Ill ride without you.

You should let me borrow your Kona, it will come back in one piece, just not the same it was before.

HAHAAHah your funny…How bout this…I kick you in the nuts and you dont take my bike and we call it even…hows that?

I’ll kick you in the nuts, and ride your bike away, deal.

It’s not like you ride it or anything, I’ll trade you my Powerlite for it.

Nope…And i do ride it…Just not alot

Wow, that uni is really worth a better looking seat. That is just ugly.

Oh well…I like it.

Yeah, but looks more powder blue to me. Must be the lighting.

Is that an air seat on there or what?

It’s a T-Shirt balled up under a Miyata cover, with a KH Fusion cover over that.

It’s actually quite comfortable, I rode it for like 30 seconds…

I think 30 seconds is the max amount of time you can find sitting on a t shirt comfortable.

The uni looks nice though, I just don’t like the seat. at all.

Well it’s more comfortable than his 1cm of Miyata foam that used to be on it.

Wrong!!! this one is acctually a balled up pillowcase witha Fusion cover on top…But its still not very comfy.

Why don’t you just put the cover on with nothing under it?

Your ass has enough padding as it is Phil. :roll_eyes:

Then you’ll have no excuse for not doing seat in front hopping.

Oh well…Ive been practicing…I found out why i sucked at it…My seat was to low so it was harder to balance. So i raised it and now im beter.