New Stuff...Check it out

I just got my new KH stuff. Frame Seatpost seatpost clamp and new Seatcover. Its all KH blue and i love it. Pic below. Theres also some more pics Here. Its pretty sweet stuff. Ill have some Full Uni pics later.


<EDIT> P.S. the stuff is all from Darren Bedford

Hot piss!

Sweet dude! What were you runnin before?

Norco Twenty frame, and a chrome seatpost.

Yup Yup!..I just has some crappy frame before.

PM me those pictures from yesterday.

Im uploading them to the gallery.

Awesome thanks, check out the video I made for your Spline guide.

Yup Yup

fyi, you’ll probably break that post. I’ve already snapped 2.

those pics dont do the frame justice;)

Im planing on a Thompson upgrade in the next 2 weeks…this is just for untill then.

Is it me or does that frame look like a different color than the other kh frames? it looks more metalic or something.

That could just be the way the flash hits the frame…Or it could be the back round light in the room…The frame was quite close to a candle burning off set.

thats some cool stuff… congrats on ur purchase… :smiley:

thats what I was thinking, it looks like a lighter blue.

was it the same price as the '06 frame? you’ll have to get some new pics of your uni with the new frame.

Yeah, I expect he’ll probably break it just getting it in to the frame. It looks upside down to me :smiley:


Personally, I like that shade of blue a lot more than the normal KH blue.

His camera makes everything look messed up.

White balance is WAY off.

Got some new pics…Whole uni this time.

Tell me what you think


Oops for got Link to gallery

Nice T-Shirt seat…

Just because your cameras white balance sucks, I want to see that new frame now. But it’s cold outside… and yes, I rode to school today in the ice/snow, didn’t fall or even slip once.