NEW Stuff at!!!!!

If you haven’t seen what’s new At i suggest you check it out.

OH GEEZ! I’m drooling over here!

Must… Buy… MUni…
Must… Buy… Everything…

(i didn’t think anyone else started a thread about this… i could be wrong)

WHOA, that’s a lot of new stuff!! I really need some of that armour…
Is the Nimbus Trials uni that cheap for a reason? In other words, is it just a really bad one?

I wouldn’t say that they are really bad. but there are definitely higher quality unicycles.

Either way, all i know is that i’m slapping one of those Velo Freestyle saddles on my Giraffe! WEE!

those are just new pictures.the items you see have been available for internet and credit people are so ignoreing the eight-hundred number…

and further more dont buy this for me or anyone you love!!!

Yeah, I know, but stuff is always better when you can see it.

I have a Nimbus II (Nimbus MUni. It was the freestyle version but I changed the pedals and tire. Aaaah, Gazza 3". Ithas held up well, and it has the weaker old hub and 150 mm cranks. I’ve done drops between 2’-3’. No problems yet. I think that’ll hold up well for smaller people like me (130+ lbs, 5’8"). And that’s the almost-legendary Nimbuss II frame everyone talks about.

The UK site has had all of those and more for months now! I didn’t notice the Onza trials one there even now!

The Nimbus Trials is really good for getting into Trials with- I got one, but it had the wrong hub so I broke it! But it got replaced and was solid! The pedals aren’t super grippy, but you don’t cain your legs up and are good for learning to pedal grab with, as you can shuffle wuite esily on them!

Mind you I replaced the hub and crank set with the Onza 140mm one, then the saddle with a different KH one with yellow handle and bumper etc, new pedals (nice and yellow!) and just got a fantastic black frame for it today! So only the rim and tyre has stayed the same! Ha!

Worth getting tho I reckon- souping up your machine just how you want it is half the fun!

Well well Well…my can beat up your!!!


I’ll make sure my has it’s handbag at the ready! :smiley:



Yuni vs Nimbus II -> Yuni -> Nimbus II

Discover the 100$ differences!

Re: ¿Differences?

Not too many of them:). I would go for that Nimbus.

Re: NEW Stuff at!!!

“XWonka” <> wrote in message
> Either way, all i know is that i’m slapping one of those Velo Freestyle
> saddles on my Giraffe! WEE!

Great idea from Velo - too bad somebody decided to put an embroidered
multi-colored logo on it.

That alone would prevent me from ever buying one.

I’ll wait for a plain one (if it ever gets made).

David Winston

I actually don’t mind the Logo. I don’t really like the multi-colored thing going on, it would be nice if it was all white… Either way i try to support any company i like alot.

Re: Re: NEW Stuff at!!!

We have the seat with and without logo, so if you do really want one without, just get in touch.



Re: Re: NEW Stuff at!!!

If you had to choose between that one and a green Miyata seat, which would you pick? :slight_smile:

Rather than pay shipping from the UK which would probably be a bit much, you could also use the stealth approach and use a Sharpie to paint the lettering black. That way you get to keep the embroidering, but don’t have the distraction of color.

Sweet ass, I’m in XWonkas signature. I think it must be cause I’m so freakin’ amazing and sexy.:smiley:

ooooh christmas’s coming soon and santas gonna have a very heavy sack this year, better get some more reindeer to pull that heavy sleigh mate…:wink:

bumper sticker

the “well-balanced” bumper sticker is most politically incorrect in France
because it means… well … that you have everything where needed

for a Lady: bumpy where needed :smiley:
for a gentleman :bumpy where not needed :thinking:

hope this helps