New Street Video

Hey here is my newest video. Its something that just kind of happened out of no were. Its finals week so every minute that we had of spare time we went out to film. It was made in 3 and a half days and i landed some stuff that i have been working on for a while. I finally landed the hand rail that i sprained my wrist on during the filming of my las video.

Youtube link:

that was cool. i really wish i could rev
nice work

YOu might want to tie your shoes better :stuck_out_tongue:
Nice riding though. The revs were kinda weird you should learn crankflips.

Nice, good job. Tho I dont think that first song flowd with the riding very well.

The fit for both songs was a bit odd, but I likded that it was very different than most street vids. I definately liked it better than your first vid (both riding and music, but the music more so ;))

i liked it

That was pretty cool, can’t say I liked that hippo song though. :wink:

haha. thanks guys.
This video was more of a joke with one of my friends. the music was some thing that my friend and i were listening to in his car and we were like “this would be so weird in a video” so as a joke i added it and then it kindof stuck. i added the second song because i have been telling myself for months that i would put a Radiohead song in a video some day. i figured if i was going to use a weird song at the start i might as well through a radiohead song in at the end.

i am still working on my pet project “munifesto II” right now and that can get boring so some days i will just randomly sit down and make a movie in like an hour. this was one of those movies. Im sure nobody here even saw or heard of “munifesto one” so someday if i am just sitting here at my computer i may upload it somewhere.

nice video i know that the music was a joke but you could have made the video so much better if the music was different. All in all the riding was really good.