New street video

It’s the one called Street Vid, it’s all unicycling, no biking like some of the videos i’ve posted
it’s 7.50MB, a little under a minute and a half long

Really like the video, and damn dude you have one tiny tire, how big is it…?


Nice video, I liked it. I’m still not comfortable with the whole street style, I don’t like the skate culture, but you make it look good!

Nice grinding! I liked the rolling hop crank grab on the top of the picnic table.

I vote for wearing a helmet though.

Really good riding,It was great.

But its way too fast,do you just ride fast,or did you edit it tio be fast?Its too fast to tell whats going on half the time.

That was really good! Some really interesting lines and tricks there, thanks. I loved the crank stall onto the picnic table gapping over the bench.


Nice riding! Are you riding a Torker? How is it that you still have cranks? Or a hub?

Its not a torker.

Awesome riding Anthony. Its not too fast at all. Street is just fast in general. I could tell everything that was going on. Maybe that’s just cause I’ve seen and know the tricks though. And to save you from answering them, hes riding a 2.1 tire I believe with the new KH/onza 127 cranks and hub. He got some crazy triple walled 20 rim for it. Anyways, keep up the good riding.

See ya, Kevin

Please elaborate, good sir.

Ah, ok, thanks. See, that’s why I asked. :wink: I really liked the rolling crank grab to the picnic table.

thanks, i’m glad people like it

I could ride a picnic table for days, there’s so much to do with them

Nice movie and I like the sk8park part

good job !

You kinda are a cross between a street style George Peck…and a Dan Doersken. But in a good way of course. Good riding, you have some turbo skills. Keep them coming.

sweet vid…keep on filming

george peck? the rough terrain uni guy?


i don’t really see it, but okay

well its the look, and how you ride…it just reminds me of George Peck.

i agree i seen a vid of him ur right