New Street vid "the letter p"

ahaha… That was a pretty cool vid again, and, a question or two…

Why did your brother peirce his nipple?

and, What is person at the end yelling?

my brothers does what i tell him to do, or he dies.

and that “person” at the end is me :sunglasses: . and i am screaming ‘OHHHH MAARR GOOOD! OHHH mar GOD! WE CAN LIVE LIKE KINGS! LIKE KINGS… AWWWRR’

any questions?

sick video, i really liked it.

hehe, pig on the unicycle… :smiley: i fell from my chair when i saw that… nice vid:p
where are u from?

pig? camden. south west sydney AUSTRALIAAAAA!

nice handrails/ sick overall riding