New Street vid "the letter p"

its ok, it has sesame street!!! so therefore it must be awsome.

wow man that was just awesome!!!
really loved the riding, it’s good to see some real street
the filming was so good, and the editing went well with the music
great job!!!

– bobousse

edit: is there a better quality version out there???

thanks bob.

sorry. no better quality, my computer decreases the quality of my camera soo much, it makes me cry sometimes. :frowning:

Hot man. Like a chilly dog sausage on the hood of a police car in summer.


hot like my ass hole, after a spicey indian curry.

mmm that was better than hot chocolate in antarctica.


that was pretty tight dude. I only wish I had a pink bunny suit that i could run around in… lol. That and a better camera lol. Nice video, well shot, well edited, really good riding.

Wow! I so enjoyed that! Very creative in all respects and it held my interest just to see what came next! Excellent!:smiley:

hey man, sick vid. good rails, wow, sych good rails. I want to sesh that curved ledge so bad.
did you pierce your own nipple?

Cool Video, The intro is annoying though.

How big was the longest set your grinded?

hahaha Really crazY!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Lovin the hat man, that was great (and of course the bunny suit!)

14 stair rail was snazzy.

2:05ish was quite silly. Made me laugh.

Good vid.

Pretty good!
Music was already used though

whats with the thread jack? ^^^

highlight the post. I shoulda put the youtube in invisible too. I wasn’t trying to make a big deal but the song has been used before.

dang I really enjoyed the riding and editing. i may have nightmares about the unicycling bunny though. very sweet grinds, spins, and flips.

no that was my younger, more to love, brother.

the intro was awsome, and the longest set was 14 stairs.

oh well, shit happens, who cares, move on.

The music was used so long ago that it really doesn’t matter. It’s a good song, it’s bound to be in a lot of videos.

I liked the intro, it was funny. Too many unicycling videos are just uni moves, it is refreshing to see some artistic “filler”.
I loved the rail grinds and the funky foot plants, keep it up.

Yeah I’m planning on using a already used song. Its from a old video thats been deleted so yeah.

Again HOT

Yeww, epic vid.

Been waiting for this one, very impressed.

We gotta go get that Glenmore rail soon.

Stoked i got in the vid haha.

rad one.