New Street Vid March ~ 2009 Unicycling

Finally got a video and its on vimeo now. It’s wating in line to convert or something so shouldn’t be too long hopefully to be viewed.

Here it is and I hope you like it, please feel free to leave a comment. :slight_smile:

and my last video (the skatepark one) can be found on youtube if you want to watch that to see my improvement if you want :stuck_out_tongue:

damn nigger, your soo much better than at uninats, good to see man:)

pretty good, You’re improving nicely.

nice riding! but the music kinda annoyed me though xD.

Nice. You and I have about the same sidehops.

awesome vid :D, i was wondering how you got your rim painted? is it powdercoat or what?

I think its a fluro yellow try all

how are the koxx trial cranks for street?
nice uni btw and pretty good riding!

Nice video and skills. How long have you been riding?

yeah youve gotten alot better.Hated the music though :stuck_out_tongue:

man, sick video (y)
you’ve improved heaps
i loved that hickflip, its given me some motivivation to work on learning them too

threw that 5 way out sideways. cool vid you have got better since nats, sorry to repeat it but that music made me want to kick the cat. if i had one haha

Kick the cat hahahahahah +1

Nice riding tho man


forgot to put March - June so this is up until now too. Hoping to release some pure trials very soon, alot better trials than in this video.

Thx for comments :slight_smile: