New street uni.




Are those lucite (or something) grind plates? Why?

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice though.

From what Evan has told me, the tire runs at a VERY high psi, so landings can be a little harsh sometimes, but its very light, and you can throw it around pretty easily, he also mentioned, that its beaufiull for unispins, since its so easy to snap around.

yep, it uni spins like a feather, i can roling hop farther now also.

What size wheel is that?


how is the knoxx hub/cranks? has anyone out there bent or broken them? i have not heard anything back on them, be it good or bad.

well they are plenty strong, yoggi did a 15ft drop on tehm no roll out and they were fine.


Gliding: Its SO AWESOME to glide on, its makes a really high pitched noise also!

Coasting: its a lil weird at first because i lost like 30% of my torque going from 150s to 110s, but when my feet hit it it does nothing

for some reason it feels like it takes offt eh ground way easyer than my trials uni, probobly because its like 4 pounds lighter, my rollling hops got a lil higher too, its light and mernuverable, i love it!


Yes, the grind plates slide like a dream.

what are they made of?

They are lexan, they are the grindplates on

Wrong, they are made from african Bat Dung.

Shouldn’t that be three things?




thank you and yess there is a 3ed but its not part of the quaot(sp):smiley:

What kind of pedals you running on there? Im thinking bout getting a grind plate like that…What all pedals you think would fit those. It says 4 bolt platforms but I have no clue…They fit the stock Onza’s?