>>> new street trick?!?!

ok so i was sick the other day and had nothing better to do than think of things to do on a uni. im not good enough to acually do it and correct me if i am wrong for saying i invented this trick. but anyways :
1. you would have two rails set up with a space between
them (one behind the other, in a line)
2. you grind the first rail
3. then do a 180, 360, or 540 (if you are really good). do it with
combos of landing on the 2nd rail on the opposite
pedal/ opposite side of the rails as you started the trick.

so on some of these you would land backwards and on the other pedal. i just thought it would look really cool

IF i am the inventor of this trick, I, hereby name (and claim) these tricks the “rail-to-rail” tricks. and all of the combos such as a “rail-to-rail 180, 360, 540” AND “rail-to-rail switch” AND all the “rail-to-rail 180, 360, 540 switch” tricks. (you end up on the other side with a switch)

sorry if it seemed like i was blabbing but i have just been sitting around too long. lol

P.S.  shaun (or anyone else who is good), that would be awsome if you videotaped some of these. it would be soooo awsome to see it!!!

hey ive seen it before. ive never seen the 360 or 540 but it could proablly be done well the 360 could.

where have you seen it? i wont believe it until i have seen it

In one of Shauns night session video, he has a ledge on one side, and another ledge on his other side. He did a grind on the first one, jumped over and grinded on the other.

ok but im talking about two rails in line!

I know. =p

Im just saying something similar has been done.

Can you grind yet?

no i cant grind yet. it sucks. i dont really have anywhere that i can learn to grind. i have limited riding areas

really, i want someone to get good at these tricks and film them. and show me of course!

this isn’t really a new trick, its just a new combo.

Thats what I was thinking. Its just one grind after another, with a 180, 360 or 540 in between!

Still would be cool to see more combos in unicycling.:slight_smile:

I remember seeing an old skating video with Daewon Song where he does this or at least something similar. So its not exactly a new trick but more of an adaptation of one already in existence, would look cool if pulled off tho

During that night session vid I had some more ideas on how to slide those perfect benches. Setting them up in a line and trying to trick to the next grind was one of them (as well as, setting them up closing to be forced to do a grind and blind at the same time, angled slide to striaght slide, and what not). We got kicked out though on my last night before I could really get into it. So it sucks, but oh well. I don’t see a 540 happening, it’s tricky to trick off ledge grinds. And maybe if they were both angled downward, and the second was a slight drop to grind, giving more time for the trick, that would be a lot more possible.

-Shaun Johanneson

Whilst were on combos:
Has any body ever glidded down a hill, gone down a 1ft+ drop and contiued glidding?

I think whoever does these tricks deserves to claim them. If they got the idea to try them from you, they should have the option of using your chosen name, or whatever they think it should be called.

Get well soon!

i agree with johnfoss.
The trick should be named whatever the person who pulls it off wants it to be, not the person who thinks it up.
I have thought up some sick tricks, but never seen them done by anyone, a few are rediculously hard and nearly impossible, but maybe I’ll do one off that 10 set (just kidding guys im not retarded, or maybe I am.)

The thing is though, its not new. Its been done a lot in other sports.

would be cool to see someone go do a grind, manage a 180 or 360 with a rev, then land into another grind.

its new to unicycling
we come up w/ whatever name we want, but this, this is not a trick, it is a combo.

Its an innovation to unicycle. =p

Kinda like bringing ISIS into our hubs.