New street trick

Here’s a new trick from François a french uni forum user. He calls it “cul slide” … (“cul” = ass). as you can see, it can be melted to a 360 uni-spin.
Now you know what we call “french touch”:smiley:

Re: New street trick

And how do you call that one ? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s fantastic! One of my all time favourite street tricks.


LOL:D :smiley:
I might call it “crossed-wrist cul stall” though I can’t pretend being the inventor of that trick ;). any other suggestion are welcome as long as they contain the world “cul” :roll_eyes: .

I love that pic… seeing my face, I was certainly watching an amazing Yoggi performance. would be a pretty nice avatar if I knew how to convert it into the right format. Can you help me MZ?

wouldnt you slide better on the back of the seat. :thinking:

I don’t even know how François managed to slide on his butt… does he wear a teflon coated short? or is the sliding area covered with a special surface? I’m gonna ask him.
Anyway if you want to uni-spin while cul sliding (I love this name :D) you have to slide on your butt.

I didnt like it.