New street & freestyle movie - Street As

one word…WOW! it make me feel so insignificant among the uni world. but ill get better…maybe lol. great vid.


Brilliant guys! One of my favourite online movies. We’ll have to add it to the list for sure.

Tony, I’m so disappointed that I can’t come to the NZUni Weekend, unfortunately I’ll be in Sydney for the Australian Bike Show demos. I’d rather be riding with you guys. :slight_smile: I’ll get over there eventually.

Brilliant movie!


that was an EXCELLENT movie!!
i loved those original freestyle-street -ish moves
VERY cool!!!
i gotta figure some of that out, if only i had a freestyle uni…

or anything other than a 24" muni and 24 learner… lol

are you going to come out to cali for the muni weekend?
that would be SO awesome if you could!!!
little short notice, but it’d be awesome
it’s in just over 2 weeks


Thanks for all the positive comments!

Jamey - great description. now that I know what side saddle is, I’ll try and learn it.

Great video, I’ve been watching it a few times now. The editing was really good, for example with the spins and how one of the drops was edited to make sense with the music. Good job!

I’m trying to learn the seat on side one footed ride now, and this video might help :slight_smile:

for some reason i can’t d/l it. :frowning: i’ll try again tomorrow

how do you save videos under the new gallery system?

is there anything that allows me to download that so it’s not embedded into the page? Those videos never play properly for me, and plus, it’s a waste of time and bandwidth if I have to go download it every time I want to see it :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. that video is inspiring. there’s some awesome little flourish stuff in there that just looks really amazing. I can’t wait to get out and try some of this!


i cant view your video but what are crank rolls? They sound interesting. I’ve never heard of them before. :thinking: :astonished:

Crank walk is where you take the pedals of the unicycle and ride by pushing the cranks in just the right way. I’ve never tried it, but it sounds fun and looks cool.

I think a “crank roll” is what Dan Heaton did in the unofficial defect trailer.
stand on the forward crank and push it forward so the wheel rolls while you stand on the end of the crank.

“Crank walking” involves no pedals.

That’s what i think, anyway.

Wicked. This is one of the many reasons I wanna go to NZ sooo badly.

Come on over, Catboy!

Yup thats a good description. I can do it with either foot forward. Can be done from static hopping and as a mount. There are some seat in front crank rolls in Street As, too.

Not necessarily - you can also do this trick with pedals and its still crank walk.

flyer - try right clicking on the link and choose ‘save target as…’.

There doesn’t appear to be a way right now to right-click on any of the videos in the new gallery and download them. Right now the videos want to play embedded in the browser and they don’t give you a way to easily save them.

Gilby’s been working on the gallery. He just upgraded it. Hopefully he’ll get around to tweaking it and figure out a way to make it easy for us to right-click and save a video file.

Tony and Co., that was a very slick vid! I enjoyed it very much. Great content and editting! Lots of cool new moves.

Whose the music by? Did i mention very nice editting? Did i read you shot this on a still cam?

For those of you that want to save the vid, You can right-click this link and ‘save as…’:

Thanks a lot Mango! The first track is ‘Sunshowers’ by M.I.A. (she’s so hot right now!) and the second I don’t know much about - it was on a compilation with no track listings a friend gave me. My flatmate reckons the vocal was Mick Jagger’s from a Rolling Stones tune. The credits music is by Hint, from the Portakabin Fever album.

Yep, the whole movie except two clips which I borrowed from Pete66 was shot on a still camera. The high resolution video mode of 3 megapixel (or better) still cameras is surprizingly good.