New street & freestyle movie - Street As

I’ve just completed a 7 minute movie, compiled from months and months of footage. There’s some pretty cool stuff on it. Features yours truly, Munimanpete (Peter Van Boekhout), Luke Wardle, Peter Bier and a cameo appearance by Rowan. Definitely worth downloading.

Download Street As here - clicky clicky! 7 minutes, 57MB

That was pretty cool. I liked the uni without pedals:D

aww it ended

That was great! I really liked the crank-walk moves, and seat on side, one-footed.

I really liked the riding… awesome freestyle but I think the music dint go well with your riding still the video was really good

Thanks! Crank-walks / crank rolls are fun!
I haven’t seen anyone else do that ‘one footed seat on side’-like trick and don’t really even know what its called (if it has a name). When I showed it to Peter Bier he said it looked like side saddle. It could be a variation on side saddle, except that I’m off the saddle entirely; whereas in proper side saddle I think you sit partially on the saddle.

that was just beastly. Sorda made me want to try freestyle, but then i saw those bloopers, eek. the freestyle ones looked the worst, you couldn’t like get out of the way of the uni


dude that was an awesome video. seriously nice riding.

wow… your hops there make my progress look horrid… gah… just gotta keep practicing. that movie is pure inspiration.

I thought the music went well…

keep on tranglin’!

totally kickass… your uni frame is so cool… and the tire looks really big… i want your hot uni


wicked movie tony, whos the kid on the 24" with the slick tire?


That’s Luke Wardle. He’s also really good on a mountain bike, snowboard and wakeboard!

Chase - which uni do you mean? I ride three different ones in the movie. A red freestyle 20", a black trials 20" and a Monster 20" uni. There are photos of the red and black unicycles in this gallery

It would have been nice to have a longer crash /bail / blooper section at the end, but I usually delete these from my camera straight away so I had very few to choose from. Memory is always limited when you’re shooting video on a still camera.

Holy crap!

There were like 10 new tricks in that video!
Those were awsome freestyle tricks and the street riding was comparable to Dan Heaton in U2.

It’s nice to see that someone out there does crank grabs with the back foot and is extremely good at doing all the things that front-footed people do.

It’s definitely seat on side, one-footed, as it appears on the standard skills list. I’ve seen it in a few performance videos, and I saw Jesse Berg do it at a unicycle meet I went in April. I need to try to learn it sometime. I can’t imagine it’s any harder than side ride.

I was just about to PM you about that, jsm. :-P.

Great video, btw. I want to try some new stuff with crank/pedal grabs now ;-).

Ahhh, yes I guess it is! I’d always thought of it in the sequence I learnt it: crank idle to crown idle to crown ride. What’s harder is to do is seat on side, one-footed in a straight line or in a circle in the other direction. I can’t do side ride, so yep its probably easier than side ride!

So what is side saddle, then? Can anyone describe this skill?

Great movie! I liked it all, espesially the no pedals thing, and some unique street/freestyle moves I havent really seen before…

THe bench corner left/right pedal grab part was cool too.

I hurt my ankle trying to seatonside ride, idle though…:frowning:


Side saddle your actually sitting on the side of the seat, and your nonpedeling leg is over the front bumer and the foot is either on the frame or on the seat post depending on how long your leg is. And of course the other leg is pedaling. Get it? So it’s just like seat on side one foot except that your sitting on the seat. I believe it’s kinda hard to do without lowering your seat a bit.

Cool video by the way. Enjoyed the unique tricks in it.

wow holy crap, that was the best video i have ever seen, by far the best unicycling i have ever seen and great quality.