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Hi All,

We have had the first batch of new unicycles into This is part of our rolling development of our unicycles, but you may recognise some of the changes from the list discussed on the news group earlier this year.

The new models come with 25.4 anti-twist seatposts. The wide flange CrMO hub is standard on all models (except the dodger or the splined crank models of course). The Nimbus range come with anti-marking tyres throughout and cold forged aluminum cranks. The crank lengths are changing slightly as well, the New 20" Nimbus comes with 114 cranks. Unicycles now come with tools.
The Nimbus Trials has a new tyre… lighter 2.5" trials tyre (it looks amazingly good, need to take one out and play, will then give an expanded review). We have also found a new fantastic trials rim… same width as the DX32 but better deeper section.
29" Nimbus… wow! :smiley: Bigger frame, The Big Apple as standard and fitted on the most amazingly wide specially built 700c rim!
Nimbus Giraffe. Ever had a sprocket turn on a giraffe ? or had to replace a broken spoke and been unable to? :slight_smile: we have a new bolt-on safety sprocket system fitted.

We also have the KH back in stock… now comes with the new fusion seat covers. (We also sell them separately).

Oh it is fun… but has been hard work sorting this. We don’t have pictures on the net yet, hope to snaffle some next week from the Australia who had their container first.

OK… dates. Australia, New Zealand, UK have their new stock, Sweden and USA should get theirs on Monday (annoyingly, the storm delayed USA one). Some advice to USA customers… do not phone John or Amy on Monday, they WILL be busy. It takes a couple of days to unload, stock and get ready to ship new stock.


What’s the fusion seat cover exactly???

It is the new seat cover from Kris. It is a removable cover.


Looks to me like it’s the same as the generation 2 covers in that it’s leather. Only it has laces instead of getting stapled on.

Do you have any idea when the GB4 Universal Seat Post (1 Inch) will be back in stock at the USA store? I was thinking of buying that seatpost along with a KH seat (Even moreso now that a better one is released.) That will work for a Torker LX right?

Have you considered these?

But thats me making the assumtion that you have a post already…if not this method is more expensive.

Edit: That was supposed to be an edit…not a quote…oops.

For some odd reason while I read through the catalog I keep reading Miyata as Torker. The Kris Holm seat says “Uses the standard seat post with 4-bolt rectangular pillar bracket” is that the kind of bracket that the Torker LX has? The Torker LX says it has a Miyata style seat, so that’s what threw me off. I might not even need a seatpost.

I’m 99% sure that miyata and torker saddles are functionally identical, including bolt pattern.

But…it looks like the GB4’s are in stock…that is unless you heard it directly from and the page needs updating.

The 1 inch is out, the 7/8 is in

Re: New Stock at Unicycle.coms

Hi Roger,

sounds great, especially the Nimbus 29".

Does this mean that the new Nimbus frames are a different diameter to the present ones?

1" posts are in stock.