new spray job coming up.

I just put in my KH20 for a new powdercoat at my local, and it’s gonna cost me around 15 quid max :smiley:

Having it in sky blue.

Woah, thats cheap! Where are you getting it done?

Rock on!

What’s that in USD? My guess is that it’s roughly $25…which is cheap! Good deal!

It’s about $27.50 at the current exchange rate.

£15 is pretty cheap - the place where I had my muni frame done charged me £20 for sand blasting and powder coating, and I thought that was a good price.

I like the “KH blue” though - if I had one I’d leave it alone.


that sounds awesome. The only thing I don’t like about the KH blue, is that everyone one else with KH’s have it.

guy actually said around a tenner, but i rekon 15 :smiley:

I’m gonna strip my kh down to bare aluminum, and leave it thataway!:smiley: And unlike steel, it won’t rust!

no it oxidizes :wink:

I thought I read somehwere here that it won’t even oxidize. The “KH” for example that’s onthe frame is simply the bare aluminum, and not painted on, and that hasn’t oxidized, so I’m not sure.

If they are anodised before painting (or if you get it anodised after you strip it) it won’t oxidise - if it’s just bare aluminium it’ll be covered in white powder before long.

wait a second…the reason aluminum is cool is because it oxidizes, but just slightly…

when the Aluminum is first exposed to oxygen, it forms a thin layer of Aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and this thin layer of oxide (like, a few molecules) protects the rest of aluminum from oxidizing. when that layer is scraped off, a new layer forms that is a few molecules thick.

i mean, i think that’s how it happens. So, IMHO, bare aluminum should be just fine.

Aha! Just found this on the wikipedia page on Aluminum Oxide:

So anodizing is just a process to thicken and enhance Aluminum’s natural coating. Also, earlier in the article it talks about how Aluminum Oxide is very hard, so it shouldn’t come off very easily into a white powder…

Once again, i think bare aluminum would be very cool and perfectly okay.

ok finally got it done, needs threading to get the paint out of the thread, but it’s not a perfect job, they powder coated over the original colour :smiley:

So it’s a sky blue :slight_smile: for only £10


i thought they already were sky blue?

no they was biro blue :wink:

ohhhh. thats cool colour

Very nice! The colour looks great.

If I could choose a new colour for my uni it would be very simiar to that one.