New Sponsorship/Callout video, Trials

Why did you post it if it wasnt your best and you wernt at your best? Whats the rush to release a new video? If you have already spent alot of time and effort on it why not spend a little more time on it so that it shows what you can realy do. When I making vids if theres a clip I am not happy with I will delete it and refilm it or film something better to replace it untill I am happy with every shot and line. So what if it means you release it a week later, its not like theres a strict deadline.

This is very true. As I am sitting on 5-6 minutes of footage thats all edited up already untill I can go ride and film the 3 or 4 other shots I feel I need for the vid to be complete.

I can understand wanting to get your footage online fast and share your video even if the riding may not be your best, but it should not be a sponsorship request or callout and certainly should not be both. Maybe this is because there were just two very awesome videos that were both of these things just recently, but those riders worked very hard on their vids, and the only reason thy stopped working on the videos and posted them was do to broken parts.

I suggest you go out there and ride until your parts break. Earn that sponsorship, man.

Thanks, Im for sure filming more tonight, and possibly the rest of the week also. The only thing that will stop me is an injury, such as the one i got today (i was playing catch with a girl i sorta liked, and i jammed my finger on the football)

anyway, I’ll film tonight and stuff, edit a little maybe. Thanks guys for being supportive sorta.



I guess it’s good my response isn’t ready then huh? hahaha I’m still editing and seeing if I need any more footage… stupid program likes to quit in the middle of a project and not let me save progress…

Lawlz. Almost breaking bones is for pussies.
I’ve broken so much shit I’ve lost count.

There is no glory in pain.

You sound pretty spoiled to me.

Stop spending money on gaming and save your money.

sparky and agentQ - spoken by two riders who’s riding ability and maturity actually quantifies a sponsorship.

Okay, first, i guess i could considered myself spoiled, but by myself though. I dont have to work for gas money, car, or anything, thus i spend the money on myself. I can make around $3000 during summer, some of which goes to one of my favorite past times, online gaming, first person online shooters, and anything exhilerating like that.

At the time being, im saving my money, hopefully, if i save enough, i’ll be able to go to NAUCC this year. (see, saving money for uni)

The whole maturity thingy, dude, if you see me act childish or anything, its nothing like what im like when im at work. When im on the job, or normally around friends in public, im far more mature than all of my friends. I usually also try to stray away from vandilism or drugs too. (pfft, im law abiding and im planning to never drink, unless for holidays, but thats champagne, or do drugs)

I got sponsored if you want to know, this is my first real job. I plan to treat it like a real job. I’m going to set up video comps with other riders (terry, unidudedx, ect ect), use their logo when possible, buy their equipment, and ride in public far more. Doesnt matter what riding i’ll be doing in public, i plan to use their logo on something. (helmet, gloves, any padding, stickers, anything) Pretty much, i plan to become the ideal rider. You’ll start to see a change in me, and my behavior, on the forums, in my videos, and every day life.



Ah okay, so you are a drugged out vandal only part of the time.

lol, i was being sarcastic, which you probably saw im guessing. I’m a clean kid i guess. I dont wanna get wrapped up in drugs and alcohol. I know a lot of kids that drink and smoke pot. I’m not saying their usually bad kids, ones actually a really good friend of mine, he doesnt do drugs, smoke, but he drinks a little every now and then. He decided not to come to my birthday party because he wanted to get loaded with his sister and his sister’s bf.

Other than that, all the kids are either sorta dumb, or extremely annoying.

Once again, lol


You guess?

Hes not sounding very convincing is he?

If you are clean then say it with pride, I know I can. I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs of any sort. I also don’t eat meat. At the same time I still respect people who make different choices. However, lets not turn this into a debate about that! All I’m saying is that if you want to say something then just go ahead and say it - don’t beat around the bush.