New Sponsorship/Callout video, Trials

Hey guys, I got finished with my demo vid for sponsorship requests, which i forgot to mention the vid to them. Well, heres the vid, incorperates about a week of video, and about 2 hours of editing. It was pretty fun to film :slight_smile:

my video, yeah baby


Who are you calling out?

If you don’t have anyone, i’ll be a willing participant.

Nice video, the editing could have been better, but the riding wasn’t all that bad at all.

Nice job, and good luck!

Not bad, but try film in lots of different locations and don’t film the same thing too much.

And I didn’t see any 27" SI hops I’ve heard you bragging about.

Oh, forgot to mention eh, I was calling out madison. I know the editing could have been better, but i was tired lol. I did the best i could with wmm lol. I prefered it over my other software, because my other software was slow… even though it was hella lot better.

Oh yeah, Epic fail on that. I was almost hitting it, gave up on SI hopping that high. Its mainly just mind block. I’ll try to get one tomorrow maybe, i’ll film it. I got stuff i want to do tomorrow, like band practice, other filming, but i guess i could attempt it a little more.

Edit, sorry bout the lot of clips of the same trials line, in seperate times, it was to take up space. I’m planning on either shooting a new vid tomorrow, or do it by sunday next week.

you gonna put out an actual call out? lol I’ll probably have my video ready soon-ish… just need a few more lines on film.

Yeah, okay, i’ll make another tomorrow if i hit 27’’ SI, thats gonna be a pain for you to top lol. Idk, either that or its gonna be another callout

lol, I dunno I’ve got some sweet lines in this video it’s probably the best I’ve ever made…

Why are you so set on 27"? Try 20-25" first or lower and slowly work your way up. That works best for me. I usually have to make 5-10cm below my max height before I can make my max height.

he can already do that, which is why he’s going for 27"

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I cannot see you getting sponsored with the level of riding in the video. It was good, but definately not good enough.

Saying you want to be sponsored by this vid alone kind of makes you look like an idiot. Sorry if I offend, but it had to be said.

Happy riding,

I think the whole point of the video was to see how crappy of a video you can make/how bad of a rider you can be(no offense Graham you’re still pretty good) and still get sponsored by 661… sorta a joke video…

Why does everybody want sponsored, unicyclist seem to be obsessed. It seems like every “okay” rider wants to be sponsored in our sport where I don’t see this in others. What ever happened to just riding to improve upon your skill because you want to be a good rider, not because you want some discounts and free stuff. Also, you should stick out enough people will want to sponsor you because your level, you shouldn’t have to go to them and ask for it. If you do go that far though at least be a really good rider.

+1, Man you is improving, but is not good enough to get a sponsor. I understand that everything is expensive, but you can get better, and i hope that soon you will have a sponsor!

Anyway, you is improving, try to film in diferent places, and do not repeat the same lines in the video!

I’m planning to make a CallOu Video, but i don’t know who to call out…

In Trials maybe Danni, but in Street i don’t know who can crank flip, 360 unispin, some flat tricks… :(… Anyone?


Okay, First off, Thanks to those who complimented me, and greater thanks to those who slightly defended me.

on another note, it doesnt really hurt me much bout the comments, and i know the repetitive ness of it. BUT! i GUESS i could spend a month filming, and like a week editing a better video together.

The reason i want to get sponsored is because stuff is way to expensive. Aparently some of you dont know my budgets. ALL of my money is currently going to either band, or gaming. I have absolutely no money to put to my riding gear. I’m using a pair of shredded gloves for riding, and my helmet is too small to wear comfortably.

I also wasnt at the top of my game for this video, considering a few prior injuries that left me slightly disabled. My wrist is still bruised from almost breaking it on a pallet.

Using the same location - Okay, i dont have a license, nor anyone that would like to drive me to random locations. Plus my dad hates me doing stuff trials in public locations, on things that he thinks i may break.

Editing software and camera: I use a digital video camera, sony net share cam, it works allright, but i need to convert my vid first, which sucks. My only editing software (that works correctly) is wmm, which takes a bit to mess with.

Okay, i would be going to other locations, and just rocking them to the extreme, but im SOL for a car. I also didnt go too big for this vid, because i have mental blocks on all my stuff, except drops. I can hardly do anything on these, but i can go out to something else and easy do a 19’’ hop.

My filming skills have no end, i know what shots to get, but i couldnt in the time i did this video.

If anyone wants to still bash me, or suggest things wrong for no reason, even though i know of them already, private message me! Come on! post here!

And with not getting sponsored because of level? Look at UniDudeDX, he got sponsored.


I’ll put out a vid in time that will top a lot of your expectations and mine.


Hi again!

We understand your situation. For me everything is 3x more expensive than for you… I know that’s hard.

UniDudeDX Have a “light” sponsor. He get discounts on 661 parts. Like Terry i think…

The best thing that you can do, is show to bike shops, companies and parents, that you can be a good rider, and that you is doing something good for you… you don’t want money to buy drugs or something like this.
This stores and companies can help you, with discounts and equipments…

You can make money doing some demos in stores and little events. People around the world do not know that some unicyclists are not clowns… You can be impressive riding one footed and doing some little drops…

Work with the tools that you have on your hand! Show what you are doing to people around you… A friend of my family, just loved uni trials. When i started he paid me to jump in a stair on his car store…! And with this money i bought my computer :smiley:

Big sponsors like to help pro unicyclists, or unicyclists that can help their companie. Try to star in a small thing… And if you get better, you sponsor certainly will increase with you!

Bye, And Good Luck!

I didn’t see anything that high in the vid.

Nice video, I hope you get the sponsorship.

My suggestions:

  1. When it comes to editing, be simple, no repeating things 5 times and no distracting fade-ins and outs. With fade-ins/outs they’re only really needed when the scenery and scenario change, so you don’t need them for when you’re doing the trials line.

  2. When sponsors see this video, they are seeing everything you can do. Joe Hodges can post a video of a 50 cm sidehop to a sponsor and that’s how high they will think he can sidehop (he can hop 120 cm). I would stop repeating yourself and start showing your versatility, jam pack everything you want the sponsor to see in this video, otherwise they won’t think you can do it.

This is all constructive, no offence should be taken.

Kyle ^.^

i don’t have any problem with the same location thing, it is difficult to get to other spots when you are isolated like myself and maybe you,
let the intrinsic motivation for riding carry you for a while longer, you have a good unicycle, gloves aren’t a necessetity,if you like riding with a helmet then thats good but you can still ride flat and street or freestyle without.
nice video mate just keep up improving and seriously, gaming is not worth spending loads of money on, developing a skill like unicycling is so much better use of your time and money

Lucas x

thanks people, I’m going to use the fact i dont have any homework tonight to film. Its still going to be in same area, just around my house. I’m going to make a new simple short vid, its going to show the extreme of what i can accomplish.

Again, the reason you didnt see anything near 20’’ or so is because it was filmed in the same week that i almost broke my wrist in. My wrist is pretty fine now, except for the scarring, it scrapped pretty bad. I bruised my muscles, so i didnt like doing anything that would do more to my hand.

Kay, i’m going to film some tonight, post a new vid in a week maybe. The vids gonna be round a minute long. Simple as you guys said.