new spin on the jump mount

last night i was teaching my self the suicicde mount(which i have been able to do)and i was thinking about a different jump mount :roll_eyes: so i set to work and i manerged to jump spin the uni 180 then land and roll away has anyone else manerged to do this (pics coming soon)

if life is a bowl of cherries is death a pile of parsnips? :thinking:

Yes, people have done this.

I know 180, 270, 360, and 540 spin jumps have been done. Not too sure about 720 though, but it’s likely.

i bet shaun johannsen could do it. heres a vid of leo doing a 180 unispin mount.

Those are fun to do.
What´s even funnier is to jump, spin yourself 180 degrees in the air, then land on the uni. Thats harder though.

It’s not Shaun! It is Leo Vandewoestijne

Presumably you can also do the ‘inner jump mount’ (I think i read shaun describing a trick called an inner spin or inner flip) where you spin the uni 180 one way, you spin 180 the other so you end up facing backwards but with the uni the right way round underneath you. Would be a fantastic mount.

i said it was leo i had just remarked that shaun could do it too. if you read my post again you will see that

Lots of people have done that trick. It’s actually pretty easy. I can do it to riding, to wheel walk, and once in a while into stand-up wheel walk backward.

Still, good job if thought of it on your own.

I actually find that mount easier then the regular suicide mount. For some reason I tend to grab my seat halfway through the air when I’m doing a suicide mount, but with a 180 mount, I can just keep hold of my seat regardless :slight_smile:

isnt that the kind of mount you are supposed to do before or while learning to do unispins?