New south-west unicyclist-Mintie


I got into unicycling, with help from a gd m8 of mine “Lucas1wheel” this last month, i’v been getting used to the balance, and the ammount of strain it puts on your legs after a long period of going around the country lanes onit :roll_eyes: !, i’m 16 year of age, main sport i surf, and am a archer, at a local club, i also instruct it at a nearby adventure park, nip down, giv ya a free go :smiley: , “jokes”:stuck_out_tongue: . i’m at the stage in unicycling to begin learning bunny hopping, i can baslicly ride for ages untill my legs disintorgrate! :roll_eyes:

Wouldn’t mind if i could c a few video’s, and learn abit more about the technics etc.
thx for reading

hay mintie


for videos and tutorials on uni’in :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Mintie,

Keep the hard core practicing going you will soon see improvements if you practice as much as you say you do

Welcome to the community! Everyone on here is really helpful and friendly!

Ride on!

(Are you going to BUC?)

I might take him along by then he will probably be resonable cos he is obsessed at mo he takes it to work and school lol

lol too true!!:stuck_out_tongue: thx for the welcome all :roll_eyes: