new sn?

okay i am like trying to get a new screen name can you please help me come up with one?
my name is nick jantz i like hockey u of minnesota golden gophers and tampa bay lightning and i like to freestyle uni, if that is any help please help me come up with a good one



Re: new sn?



I second the motion to change your name to my_name_is_nick_jantz_i_like_hockey_u_of_minnesota_golden_gophers_and_tampa_bay_lightning_and_i_like_to_freestyle_uni, so the motion is passed.

Everybody welcome my_name_is_nick_jantz_i_like_hockey_u_of_minnesota_golden_gophers_and_tampa_bay_lightning_and_i_like_to_freestyle_uni to the message board.

The unicyclist formerly known as habbywall

Re: new sn?

On Tue, 2 Aug 2005 22:31:41 -0500, “One on one” wrote:

>The unicyclist formerly known as habbywall

Or, more conveniently, TUFKAH

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