new slick tire at

Looks like those of us heading to Moab in march have a new option for slick tire.

I’m sure it’s no fireball, but I’m sure its worth giving it a try at Moab.

i may be wrong cause i havent seen it in person but that tire does not look like a 2.5

my Monty tyre is 2.5 and its twice as wide!

Keep in mind that the Monty is flat bottomed, whereas this one is circular, so the Monty will look wider.

Also the Monty is only a 20" tyre, where this is a 24".

From across the room right now my 20x2.5" trials tyre does actually look wider than the 24x3" contra.

Phil, just me

ok for Phils sake i will rephrase my query.

That new Hookwerm tyre is not 2.5,no!

I wouldn’t jump to that, Jagur. My monty 20x2.5 is way wider than my Kenda 26x2.6

I mentioned something about that in another post and somebody said it has to do with the different sizing standards of rims and tires and those size quotes often have more to do with the width of the rim its mounted on than the actual width of the tire. Maybe somebody who knows more about this can set it straight.

Anyway, I’m sure that hookworm is the same width as any other 24x2.5 - which is not to say its actually 2.5" in width or anywhere near the width of a 20x2.5 monty.

Of course, I guess it could be a misprint at

The tire size on the sidewall is a marketing number. It bears little resemblance to reality. Some companies are more honest than others in their tire sizes.

See Sheldon Brown

Sheldon mentions the dishonesty in road tires sizes with companies trying to make their tires seem lighter than the competition. In mountain bike tires the dishonesty can go the other way - they try to make their tire seem wider than the competition and sometimes lighter.

mine too,i just got a 26" Kenda Kolossol 2.6 and it looks like a childrens toy compared to my Monty 2.5

the Kenda 2.6 is a half inch narrower than a Gazz 2.6

I’m interested in mayb trekking out for the Moab muni fest, would you recommend the fireball as your tire of choice for the slick rock trail? Also, are you looking for 24x3 fireballs?I think I know of a bike shop in SF that still has some, and when I bought mine about a year ago, they were still selling them at regular cost.

You dont know how much they’re selling for now do you? I might have get one…

He just wants to be a pain in the ass.

That’s true, it goes for all tires. I had a set of Tioga DH 26x2.1 on my Kona Stuff and they looked like 2.3 or so.

It’s not a misprint, I know a guy that got a pair of these on his Evil Imperial before they were even on the market. They’re marked as 24x2.5 . I posted a link to a pic of another bike with them on it, too, a while back, if I remember correctly.


He just wants to be a pain in the ass.- centromachetes

oh yeah,merry christmas to you too.