New Skill... Yippeeee!!!!

Greetings All,

My 8 year old daughter and I went for a ride yesterday and had a great time. She is practicing backward riding and riding off curbs. She really wants the curbs to be at least 6" high. She did really good, riding successfully off at least 10 curbs and going backward for 10 feet, then continuing her forward ride.

With her playing around on the curbs, I decided to attempt to hop off of a concrete ramp. This ramp is from Zero to 2 1/2 feet high. I have never really hopped off anything before, riding off is my prefered choice. Well, YIPPEEE, I actually hopped off the ramp at the 16" mark several times. I told my daughter I would attempt a 2 foot hop-off on our next ride. It felt so good!

Most of my hop-offs were sideways to the right, but I also did one to the left, and two forward hop-offs. Those forward hop-off are a lot scarier. Any tips?

Thanks for letting me brag on my daughter and I. --chirokid–

Congrats to both of ya’ll.

Re: New Skill… Yippeeee!!!

My tip. Jump far enough forward so the rear of the tire clears the ledge you’re jumping off of. :slight_smile:

Jumping off of a drop forwards is better than jumping off the drop sideways. When you jump off forwards your momentum is going forwards in line with the way the wheel rolls. That makes it easier to roll out the landing. Jumping off of big drops sideways can put nasty side loads on your wheel when you land. Nasty side loads can result in the wheel turning into a taco. Learn to jump off drops going forwards. It will put less stress on your wheel, and it will be easier to roll out the landing.

Congrats Keith for both of you. Just when I thought you dropped off the side of a mountain in one of those long Muni rides, you pop back in. Good to see things are progressing! We will have to get together again sometime this summer. My wife may be talked into a ride into the mountains in the next month or two. We are headed to Virginia for a Wedding tommorow, and then to Misouri in a few weeks. So it will have to be after that sometime.

So which Uni did you take off the big drop? Was it the Summit? I think my ankles are about ready for me to abuse them somemore.:smiley: Maybe I should try a hopping off something.

Congratulations! That’s great to hear.


Update, Update, Update…

Thanks for the kind comments. I especially appreciate John’s wisdom for forward hops :), thanks John! LOL

Tonight I did only forward jumps. I end did some rolling forward hops. I didn’t get too far off the ground, but I was at least getting air.

Now for the update. FWI, 20" seems much higher than 16". I never bailed while attempting to hop off the 16" ledge. However, with the 20" ramp (that is as high as the ramp goes), I bailed in mid-air the first 4 attempts. Then, the fifth hop was successful. Yipppeeee, I landed a forward hop off a 20" ledge.

Now I gotta go find a 2 foot drop. :smiley:

Today, I installed a new KH velo seat on my daughters 16" jugglebug. She LOVES it! She was so excited she called me at work to tell me the Big Brown Truck had arrived. It is so nice to ride with the girls you love.

Sign me the 20" dropper, --chirokid–

congrats…thats cool

I have an 8 year old little sister who wants to learn, but im not sure how to go about teaching her…any tips? thanks


You guys are so lucky. I’m the only one in my family that unis.

Oh well. That does mean I get more $$$ for unicycles instead of having to share it.

Hi Collin: Do you have a unicycle her size? That would be my first tip. To teach my girls, I had them practice riding from a curb. Once they could go across the garage, I then would just walk beside them while holding hands. Do this for several days in a row and my girls were riding. My 4 year old took a long time, but the other two girls were riding in a few days. Then, you keep improving for life. --chirokid–

yea i have one that fits her…thanks for the advice


Looking for 2 feet to drop… what’s next? How high is the roof of your house?

Congrats on making the big leap into drops. My best stands at 30", just 10" higher than your best. You are catchingh up to me FAST! I better get working on the next level. I have a 40" drop waiting for me in my back yard trials course. I have worked a little on rolling out of the drops in anticipation of the bigger drops.

I figure once I get comfortable with my 40" drop, I’ll do a 4 footer or two to say I’ve done it and stop there. Care to join me and work to the 4 foot club?

Congrats also to your daughter. Curbs and backwards… Awesome!

I’m doing the 4th of July parade this year. My 7 year old daughter may do it with me. I hope she does. It would be really fun to see her riding in a parade.

DROP IN sometime… :smiley:


I was feeling good about 20", but now you’ve went and scared me with talks of 30", 40" and 48". :frowning:

You and your daughter will love the Parade. Like you’all, my girls and I will be doing the Gatlinburg July 4th Midnight Parade here in Tennessee. Even my 5 year old plans to ride a few 100 foot flat and straight stretches. We will have float support for H20 and unicycle transport this year also. If my girls get tired, they can just hop on the float and rest for a while. It should be GREAT!!!

Maybe I can mount on the Float, then hop off onto the street? Hummmm!!! If I try that, I’ll make sure EMS support is close by. :smiley: Have a great parade. --chirokid–