New Site For Scots Unicycling

I’ve made a new site to represent scottish unicycling, I want everyone to check it out. It’s not very much just now, but the more people who get involved the better it will be

Your quote, Jas’o’Mac, from the site:

“Influences- Dan Heaton (the father of modern day unicycling), Evil Ewan, Japanese Freestyle, Bruce Lee, Muhammed Ali, Tupac Shakur, Everyday life.”

I’d say Dan Heaton is one of the most skilled and talented unicyclists that I’ve met, but I would not consider him a “father of modern day unicycling”. Ever here of a man named George Peck? Perhaps you are too young to have heard of him. Several years ago, Peck was considered “The Man”. I can respect your admiration of Dan Heaton as he has brought a certain skateboard-style to unicycling. Still, modern day unicycling is much more than that.

I said modern day not the 80’s, I am too young to remember george peck but thanx to Dan Heaton “the modern day father of unicycling”, I have seen his film. I don’t care what anyone says the universe series has revolutionized unicycling as it is mainly thanx to Dan Heaton.

keep looking at the site everyone, mainly scots as thats who its aimed at!

No offense, but putting z’s on the endz of wordz is lame as hell.
also, what makes your site underground, and what makes dan heaton the “father” of modern day unicycling?

As a Scot I considered making a website for Scottish unicycling but I decided since there was no clubs or meetings it wasn’t worth it. If you are going to make a Scot’s unicycling website I’d aim for it to be more professional and hand built. Plan it for at least a week before you start. Think of what you want people to remember when they leave you site.

im scottish, aberdonian i am, good 2 c scottish unicyclists r being represented on the net

sounds like i’ve got a revolution on my hands. fair enuff guys, if u don’t like it then it’ll have to be changed as its for the people it has to be what the people want.
To my Critics:
1 “what makes your site underground, and what makes dan heaton the “father” of modern day unicycling?”

ok, what makes my site underground is that it is not supported or organised by a major company, its not profitable and it’s not advertised and it’s not funded, and for your other questions, well I don’t know where you guys have been recently, but a few months ago everyone was ranting and raving about a little movie called Universe 2, mainly because it is reaching new heights in unicycling, the main creator of this film is Dan Heaton. Although Kris Holm has also had a major inpact on the unicycling we now do and watch, Dan Heaton’s style is not only unique but more appear to people like me.

  1. “No offense, but putting z’s on the endz of wordz is lame as hell”.

fair enuff I can’t argue wit an opinion.

I hope I’ve answered your questions and if anyone is not happy wit my answers…tough shit, just be happy your getting an answer :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry for any spelling mistakes made there guys, you will find many, enjoy yourselves

Where’d you get the wireframe mesh of a KH24? Thats a sweet model :sunglasses: