new sif grip

The rails on the bottom of my lx seat were hurting so I folded up a rag and taped it. It’s proven to be really helpful. Here’s some pictures.




How is it for just riding around?

I don’t ride it for more than a block without stopping to do some trials or something but after a while it starts to chafe but it’s so easy to take off and put back on.

What most people do is to get a peice of old plastic tubing and cut it length wise, take off the seat cover, fit the split tubing over the lip of the seat base and tape it on. I actualy messed around with my DX seat cut down and added it onto my seat base even though its fine for SIF. Now its better:p

I tried that and it didn’t seem to offer enough padding to it so I just got the rag. The rag is nice because it forms around your hand so there’s no certain pressure point when you pull up.

looks nice and simple… my try cutting up my wrist mouse pad thing and shoving it on the underside of my koxx1 saddle… but as i’m getting more and more used to it i dont mind it as much…

good job though!

Someone I know just tied a rope to his seatpost and pulled up on it and every time he pulled it came up and hit him in the jewels. then he just adapted my way.

LOL nice

the stupidest part is that he tried it more than 3 times =0

What I did to my lx sadle was take the staples out on the side take 2 strips of iner tubing and staple it back on with the tubing folded over the base. then it’s not in the way.

Yeah I did something similar. When I put my CF base on my gel saddle I put a big fat piece of innertube around the base where I hold it seat out then a Fusion saddle cover over it. Its reeeeally comfortable.

I actually bought two diameters of plastic tubing and did what you said… so one tube went over the other… then it was plenty comfortable to grab. Of course, one could add even larger tubes onto the previous, until they get to a size that fits their liking.

Tape, however, is insufficient for mounting. The tube gets torqued around and it’ll eventually peel off. Epoxy is the ideal adhesive. Rubber cement is passable.