new side hop record again!(for me)

hello every just yesterday i told you that i got a new record and it was 39.5 cm well today my cousin (isaac steiner) and I saw a straight ledge and we measured 44cm! it took me several tries to get up but I finally got it! so i am 13 years old and 2 months of trials. So my new record is 44cm.:smiley:

thanks jordan

Good job. It looked great and supersmooth. Keep it up.

?? Is there a video, or did you see it in person?

‘‘i got a new record and it was 39.5 cm well today my cousin (isaac steiner) and I saw a straight ledge’’


Yup it was real. I saw it in person…i tried to get it on video. but my camera scrued up…but ya i saw it in his next video he will do it again.

Ok that’s 15 1/2 inches, and 44cm is just slightly over 17". When you say “side hop”, I think of hopping on flat from from side to side. I get the feeling that you mean that’s how high you hopped UP to something, right? :thinking:

yup like in height. so one hop right up.

what is the all time side hop record?

Up, it’s like 1.14m init? Joe Hodges?

well here’s a 1.10m one anyway:

actually my friend said that he saw on you tube that Fabian Mark did 116cm. But he forgets where it was on youtube…but if that doesnt come up its 114cm by Fabian Mark. If someone finds the 116cm I would like to see it.

official is by fabian mark and ryan atkins in competition at 1.09m
unofficial is 114 by fabian mark

I think i’ve seen that fabian mark one too… where he jumps up loads of pallets in his backyard… like in a dessert/forest type place :thinking: lol

Well i havent seen it but my friend said that it wasent focused on Fabian Mark it was like a TV program and he was on it and did 116cm.

Is this the vid your talking about… Fabian Mark’s new record (114,5)

nope its not that its 116cm.

from who?
last i heard it was 114 from fabian

Im not sure I just heard my friend who is just getting into unicycling said that a guy name Fabian Mark was on this video on youtube and he did 116cm. Like it was not a video by him. Some other thing.

i think if u look on the fabien mark vid to date u will find that james sd is and idiot and that its not 116 and that fabien mark has now commented on his vid saying he has now reach 119cm it totall amazing i personally cant wait to see the vid

james sd shud get off his arse and start learning trick and not trying to read hyow to learn them hahahahahaha ne way if u read this james ur gay lol

actually, i have seen the video you guys are talking about, but 3 cm is nothing, thats like an inch… lol

a little birdy (or tape measure) told me that someone hit a 10’ 2" gap the other day
that would be something like 8" over the old record…
as far as this whole thread is, please, keep this stuff in MR or the brag thread

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