new short wheelol vid

hey all
there’s a new short vid again.
let’s download!!!
here (13 MB) or a sucky youtube version :roll_eyes:

nice vid,

hope i can see some of the tricks at the weekend :sunglasses:


I take it your sponsered by Qu-ax?

Very nice riding, you have very steady and good control with your tricks, thats the main thing to do when street riding, learn a trick master it so you have it down good and smooth and then keep progressing!

That was really good. I know exactly which font you used:)

Cool design, but hard to read:p

yh, its hard to read but looks so fresh;)
an yo im sponsored by quax

Nice work, I like yer vids.
We gotta get together if/when Im over seas.
think we share a similar vision.

I enjoyed the creative lines, for example with the chair or the unispin down the rail, a lot.

how do you get font like that?
Sweet vid though…liked the grinds, especially that backwards grind…

Great Vid, although it wasnt in this video I really liked the trick at the 1:00 minute mark in the Wheelol Movie 2. I think you should name that trick after yourself because I dont think I have ever seen it done by any of the big street riders. Other than that great job, and I enjoyed watching both.

greta vid. really sick editing. nice handrail. it was so sick because it was right next to those other stairs

glad y’all like it :wink:

@agentQ yeah, if ur over seas :stuck_out_tongue:

@Uniman_3 i usually get fonts from this page:

@harrison yes that trick, i dont know if i have invented it, shaun does some similar ones. but i could call it “stand up leg around” or something like that

sweet vid cedric nice eddddditing nice repping for qu-ax!

I love the look of the quax with the white frame. I have been thinking about painting mine.

That vid was so sick to

cool vid :slight_smile: , the flashing just anoyed me though