New short video

here’s another short video i made today, of just today’s riding.


cool dude, i like watching a melow video wvery so often. you have gotten alot better! keep it up!:smiley:

oh yeah and good luck with the torker dx(snappage problems:) )

Great vid!

I especially liked the way you mounted your uni =p

(I didnt go to specific as to not give it away)

That was cool:) I like how you used the parts of the park for your lines (like that pole you slid down and that thing that made you look like batman;)) It looked like you had alot of fun.
You are lucky, you have someone in your family that will film you.

what do you mean by snappage problems??

the DX is notorious for its seatpost tube snapping at the base where it’s welded to the frame (forks?)

and as to the thing about having willing family members, spencer, my dad makes commercials, and he loves to do video work, so he willingly films for me when he has free time.
he’s a great guy.

Ive only heard of two frames snapping, so not that notorious, and mine is holdup great, and ive done 6 foot drops, or maybe it was 7-feet, either way, ive done some big stuff, and most problem ive had was a few loose spokes.

dude… the hieght of your drops has nothing to do with the breakage of my frame. it was just crappy welding.

when did i say my dropping effected your frame? :thinking:

I was just saying, i have one, been doing lots of drops on mine, and its hold up great, thats it.

sweet video… i wish i had a camera…


this video made me happy and made me wanna gather up my friends and ride. good job

sounds sweet but can u do it for windows media? im not allowed to download the plugin