New Short Video: Trials Unicycling

Here are some clips I put togther. Its short. Tell me if you guys think i should make a longer video?
Here it is

My uppinion is that you w8 and do some traning befor you do a big film , but hey you don’t lose any on doing a big now.Btw how long you been riding ?

Use other music:) That stuff sounded like cosino-ish crap. You want music to match your style, and if your style is very choppy, dont use this. Flowing and laid back are the best.

sweet, i like the song.

How long u been riding? Go fur it and make a big video, show everything u can do. The camera makes you want to show off, so you will learn faster
Hey! I made color!, oh wait, no i didn’t

I have been riding for 2 year with my new trials unicycle. i have been riding off and on i now everyone going to hate me for this but i ride my bike more. I have no one to unicycle with in this small town.

Nice short movie!
I like it.