New short video (new uni test ride, at night)

YAY! NEW UNI! Test ridden at night! so the video is kinda hard to watch, oh and MuniAddict I got that small stair set side hopped and on video! (filmed by my tripod so it’s got boring camera angles…)


you’re getting there!

Seems like you like the glowinthefingdark uni! Glad you like it.

of course I like it! and it rides amazingly, compared to my CX!

Nice video and way to jump those stairs! Keep up the good work. I did notice that the video got “brighter” at the tail end so it was easier to see.

PS: I was out looking at stair sets tonight that I might try this weekend. I was actually measuring this 7-set that I did a while back and I was surprised that the tape measured 92" (7’8") from top front edge of the top stair, to the top front edge of the bottom stair! And of course you have to add on a good 8" or more for clearence. So I was needing to jump more than 8 feet to clear that 7-set! I had no idea it was that long! I just hope the 8-set I have my eye on is within my limits!

Yeah there is this crazy motion sensing light over where I practice that only gets set off sometimes and sometimes it’s not very bright other times it’s like it’s day time only darker. I hoope that 8 set works out for you, I have my eye on a 5 set that I hope I can clear. and a 6 set but I’m going to try the 5 set first. I wish you luck and I hope to put up a video of some new stuff soon!

what kind of uni is that?

Torker DX. Painted with a sweet glow-in-the-dark paint, then covered with lots of clear coats.

dont measure stuff, it just makes it harder to actually do it if you know the dimensions.


“i dont want to be the one, that battles on with shoes”

Best miss-heard lyric, well not ever, but best in that year…

nice vid. the uni is so sexy i had to use a teaspoon.

Thanks for watching! I hope you guys had as much fun seeing me ride the new unicycle as I had riding it!

how long have you ride ?

I’ve ridden for a total of 2 years, I’ve owned a unicycle for 4 years and started riding seriously a year ago.

If you do measure things you know you can do and you are thinking about doing something similar, a tape measure can discover for sure whether it should be a bit harder or easier than earlier successes.