NEW Short trials Video

Hey all!

Here is the video from my recent trials ride at a park open day.

The video is RUBBISHLY edited because i had to use Windows Movie Maker (YUK YUK YUK!) My computer kept crashing when i tried to render it in editstudio. I need to find out whats wrong with it so i can start making some decent movies!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Rock on!

sweet, what kind of bc wheel do you have?


My BC is a crappy homemade one, the plates are bent as hell!

Rock on!

Pretty good, Edd!

One question though: Doesn’t your back ever hurt from riding with your seat that low sif?

Keep the vids coming! It’s been raining a lot here the last couple days, so I need something to do related to unicycling, since I can’t go out and ride. Haha!


That was cool. I didnt talk to you much at BUC. But I talked to Leo. Nice riding, the editing was cool, love the ride along the scaffolding pole.


nice BCing!

you sidehops are too good :roll_eyes:

good job,


Hey dudes!

Thanks for all the positive comments! Keep them coming!

I want to get my video software working properly, so i can start making some longer, better thought out vids (I need to fill up my gallry a bit)

Im working on height in my sif sidehops now, Leo canes my ass when it comes to high rolling hops!

Rock on!

Just an update!

The video is now also in my gallery.


Rock on!

pretty good video

what kind of uni?

did you use the nimbus 20" ISIS hub?

look at the date, the nimbus hub just came out this year. it looks like a custom koxx hubbed nimbus framed uni.

Nah, that was a UDC cromo hub I think, with qu ax ally cranks.
My god, its like im riding a pogostick, lol! I hope iv improved since that video!