New Short- "HickFlip"

Was just kinda bored waitin for my new lens to come, figured I’d learn hickflips. Made a little vid and you can see it on my new website-
Just some editing practice, and me being stoked I finaly landed a hick.

it was clean, nice 180 body variel.

well thanks.

Here is the youtube link for those whithout the quicktime plugin.


swhat song was that i recogize it =] cool vid

yea really liked the special affects in it.

its “Hip Hop Is Dead” by Nas.

yea the video is really mostly me playing with some effects and timing, thanks, glad you enjoyed that part of it.

That video was awesome, it was actually entertaining to watch, not just cause of the trick. What are you using to edit?

Thanks. I use Final cut pro, and have way to much free time on my hands haha. Tho I do use other programs here and there for various reasons.

nice i liked the shaky effect.
Im new to street so just to make sure is a hickflip a crankflip with a 180 unispin?

Yup, sure is. Its considered an outflip if you start it with the seat in, hickflip if you start seat in front.

very nice landing.

That software is expensive as hell, but your video looks awesome.