new shoes. big change in riding.

I have been buying and wearing the same pair of shoes for the past couple years, once i find a shoe i like i keep buying them.
I have never ridden in anything but the vans rowley XLII’s or XLIII’s.

I recently bought the Element Slate Lined Shoe.
It is a little bit stiffer than my old shoes, and a little bit more grippy on the pedals.

When i went out riding with them the first time i noticed a pretty big difference. I could gap farther and higher, i dont know if it is actually the shoe that has made a change, or if it is just all in my head.

Anyways, the point of this thread is to ask have you ever noticed that you ride better in a certain pair of shoes?
What is your favorite shoe style/brand to ride in?

I need to go and buy new shoes, I screwed up mine will trying crankflips.
Don’t know what to buy, basicly any skate style shoe is good enough for me :smiley:


XLIII’s are wicked :smiley: hehehe

yeah i like running shoes to ride in… i ride with Nike air running shoes they are so nice :smiley:

Tried with vans skate shoes but the sole is really wrecked so it was horrible…

I wear dvs skate shoes with ankle support because I’m hyper mobile and have some crazy condition where I don’t have enough cartilage in my ankles. I also noticed a change coming from basketball shoes to these, I could do alot more freestyle movements because the heels from my basketball shoes were getting in the way.

Use the “Search” feature on this list and go to “Advanced Search”. Find titles only of the word “shoes”…there are plenty of ideas there.


i got new shoes but i dont wear them cause theyre bigger than my current ones so I have trouble doing anythnig in them even though theyre the right size

the only shoes i wear are airwals. MINE ROCK!!! no matter wat i do, i can’t fall off the pedals

Merrell and Soaps are what I use.

Merrells shoes are bloody comfortable. Soaps have a higher purpose.

i dont have much preference to brand so long as the shoe is a HIGH top.

Shoes do make a difference. I used to wear track shoes and I couldn’t one-foot idle at all because my foot would slip right off the fork. Then I bought Converses and i love how flat the soles were. I’ve learnt lots on them but unfortunately, they were 2 sizes too big because i bought them at a discount and those were the last pair.

After having my Converses for the longest time, I bought Adidas Samba shoes last week. They’re street soccer shoes and the sole’s flat and made of gum. They’re AWESOME and my jump mounts have definitely improved (especially since I don’t risk landing on the tip of my shoe that my foot doesn’t fill).

Right now my usual shoes are Etnies, with Reebok classic (sort of running shoes - I use them for soccer pickup games anyways) as my secondary shoes.

I prefer the Etnies for general riding and the Reeboks for practicing 1ftww/gliding.

I used to wear (Adidas) Sambas when I would reff soccer games. They no longer fit me.

I haven’t found a better shoe for riding than my Vasque Breeze Gortex hikers…

But I have absoloutly no expirience with skate shoes, I’ve never found a pair that fits.

But I know that shoes do make a difference. The right compromise between a stiff sole for protection and a flexible sole for feel is what I think makes the difference.

we are like 20 people here who rides with adidas speziale… they kick ass

uhm i see eveyrone has a differnt favorite shoes… i conclude… its very personal, try lots of different shoes :stuck_out_tongue:

ive tried about 7 or 8 different shoes. I like dunlop volleys the best. Though they dont last as long as some of the others they are by far the cheapest. I like them because they are light and flexible and give pefert grip to the pedals (well for me anyway). I also find it is easy to wheel walk and BC with them as well. They also give no ankle protection, so far ive sprained my right ankle and chipped the bone on my left ankle.

chipping a bone sounds awfully painful.
chipping an ankle bone sounds even more so.

wait they are the best but i’ve chipped your ankle bone?

I’d go for some with abit more ankle support…

I wear mountain shoes because I have some crazy condition where I have too much cartilage in my ankles :o ! (that is: bones are stuck together, so if I flex where an articulation should be … I try to break cartilage!, I learned through the net that this condition affects about 1% of the population at large so watch for it !)