New shoe choice

I just got this shoe for unicycling. Mine are blue where these are red. Blue was clearance. $11 down from $30 at Payless. Leather. I hopped around the parking lot on my Summit. I think they’ll do fine.

I have been wearing lite hikers that are cut surprisingly similar to these Basketball shoes. (Ankle protection but cut low in the back for easy toe-pointing.

Some buds use the Converse Hi-top. No padding at the ankle. I bang the andle bone too much for no padding.

shaq shoe.gif

I’ve been looking for a replacement for my Vans. That shoe looks interesting with the “hi-top”

Re: New shoe choice

The leather Converse Allstar Hi-Tops have great padding. Mine were $40 retail and I got them on sale for $30. These look like a better price point, can’t beat $11 shoes!

I meant these:

converse sheo.jpg

Sorry, I forgot to say they are Shaquille Oneal BBall shoes.

I think I’ll draw in a little Unicycle for the little guy.