New Shirt Idea. Tell me what you think.

I just had an idea for a uni shirt in a flash. so off to my compy i went, and scribbled up a drawing, which then i went into my macintosh equivalent of MS paint, and made an effective carbon copy of the superman logo, with a few color changes…

so here’s the design, it’d be on a blue shirt, or green on black, or some other good color combo…

give me feedback!

keep in mind this is a rough draft, i might print it, i might not. it all depends…

also, i JUST noticed that James Potter’s avatar is a spoof of the superman logo… i hope you don’t mind, man…

Actually, that’s a pretty good idea.

you could also try to spoof other company/well-known logos too, much like the “mountain UNI; do the MUni” shirt.

This is the begining of a whole new era of uni shirt making. let’s get to it.

all righty, then. i’ll start looking for a local printing company, and i’ll shop around a bit, and i’ll need to see how many people will buy one or two…
i’ll also need to add a bit of detail, such as the knobbies on the tire and the seat post clamp…

anyone have ideas for a little wee patch on the front?
i think i’ll just put a uni on there… in yellow.

Don’t start making too many shirts until the design is incredible, otherwise people won’t buy them. Try some variations to make it better, like maybe the more original comicbook look:
(note, really bad art from paint. Needs modification from someone who knows what they’re doing.)

this is a tad better:


update on picture:
i added and sharpened up your pic there a bit, and even though it still needs editing a bit, it looks pretty nice on a blue background.

tell me what you think, as usual.

i think it looks good!

you might want some pedals on your uni …un less its the one in that video …i think its called street A’s or sumthin

but black around the uni logo or something, it will give it more depth. look alot better

another idea
you know the Mc Donalds logo with the big M. you should put it like that accept a U
than below it put McUnicycle or thing thing, that would be funny:D :smiley: :smiley:

Our SPAM Robotics logo is a spoof of the superman logo too…

[more thoughts on the subject of uni t-shirts later]


well, it’s supposed to be 2D, but i’ll try the black around the edges. I’m saving these as separate files as i go so i can experiment and then compare them. i’ll see how it looks. i mean, the superman logo has no black in it whatsoever, but 'll try that anyway,

also, i’m limited on colors in the print i believe, because of costs…
we’ll see though, i can always leave out the lettering above it, because it’s pretty obvious, anyway…

that is also a good idea. i’ll see what i can cook up.

not bad…but it looks very…ms-painted. needs more detail and stuff.

like how?

be specific, please!

I made this in the mac equavaient to paint, “Appleworks.”
I have no access to any Photoshop, and I don’t want to “share” it. (that’ll be a last resort)

where does it need detail?

this is supposed to look sorta like the uni from catboy’s UPD shirt, kinda… i’ll work on the details of the uni itself tonight, like the knobbies and frame and other stuff a bit. I don’t know if i want to do this in 3D, but it may be a possibility…

you’d want to actually be using adobe illustrator or some sort of vector-art program for this, since a t-shirt is going to be scaled way beyond what you’ve got there. when you print anything it gets printed at a finer DPI, and so what looks fine on your computer monitor will look like crap when it’s printed. I should know, I work in a print shop. people ask for this all the time and then complain :stuck_out_tongue:

Vector art can scale infinitely. You’d have to rebuild the whole image, which would take some time, but it’d be worth it.

and where might i obtain illustrator?

i just might have it somewheres… but we’ll see. if not, how much does it cost and might i be able to sigh share… it… reluctantly…

Vector might take a while to learn, but once you know how to use it, its plain awesome. I just whipped this up in flash.



lol, forgot to delete something that was hidden.


Now THAT is awesome!

We just need someone to make the words “Superuni” or “Unicycle” or something in vector. My editing in window’s paint ain’t so grand.

spud, what program did you make your text out of? Its really similar to the superman font.