New setup tell me what you think !

Hey everyone here is what I was thinking of doing with my uni :

Profile hub and cranks
Alex32 rim
KH frame
Kh rail adapter
My custom viscount saddle…

Good or you think I could do something better? (trials setup)

A KH rim has served me well.

I think that is pretty dang good!

What excactly is your saddle made up of?

its a viscount+ kh handle and bumper and kh fusion

A Wallis derail would be sweet, but$$$

Nice, never had a problem with the seat base?

If so, a reinforcement plate or CF base could be an addition.

visocunts are sooo strong… and yes PDC how much is a wallis derail ? I might buy one…

so tell mee… should I get a kh rim or keep my brand new alex?

I have the Alex DX32, and its great, no flat spots, its still true, and very strong.

I am not sure how much it weighs, but most likely the KH is lighter, so if you want to save a tiny amount of weight, go for the KH.

honnestly id rather save my $ then weight lol Im only gettin the kh frame cauz its sexy and cauz it takes bigger seat posts…

No i was talking about the rim. =p

As for the frame, I would go with the KH, i like the look of a NImbus II better though, but a bigger seat post, like the 27mm ones, are a nice plus, but the 25.4mm works fine for me.

never tryed 25.4 Im ridin 22.2 and it sucks… but if ima upgrade why not upgrade it good right

No kidding, once I break my seat post, I am just gonna upgrade to a thompson, luckily they make it in the 25 and 27 sizes. =p

A swallis rerail base is probably the only thing you can do to improve it. The viscount is good but heavier and that I don’t know about you but I hate rail adapters.

yeah it pisses me off… how much is it tho ? (derail base)

Scott Wallis stuff -
It’s not too bad if you get an undrilled one since you don’t have to pay for an adapter.

nice thanks alot

Maybe just get a Regular KH CF base…Then you can still use your bumpers, foam and cover from your existing saddle and just get a regular seatpost. Thats what id do personaly.

I just upgraded my saddle to CF and i dont plan on going back:)

the derail base is $170 with drilled hole. the deathgrip handle is $65 sif grips are $16 the back bumper is $30 or $35.

then you also woudnt have to buy a rail adapter wich would save you money. other than that, the only things maybe worth changing is the rim. the trials rims I know of are alex, KH, and tryall. I’ve heard good things about the tryall, and I’m going to get a koxx wheelset as my next trials wheelset. The KH rim is really strong though.

I dont think you need a KH rim…Id just keep the Alex Rim unless youve tacoed it. Its not so much the rim as it is the wheel build that makes a great wheel. My Alex setup has been beaten down and pushed around by me and several others and it keeps comin back for more, I wouldnt trade it for a KH anyday.