New setup let me know what you think !

So im building a new trials uni here are the specs :

Koxx hub
K1 cranks 125
Tryall rim (I know its weak illl change it later)
Monty white stripe trials tire (will cahnge that too I have 1 right now so yea)
Plastic pedals
Nimbus 2 frame (if anyone has one for sell pm either that or a kh frame dont care what year)
and a piece of crap seatpost but a thomspon will go on in like 1-2 weeks…

SO what do you all think ? bad ? good ? suggestions ?


just not sure about plastic pedals, what are you using it for?

oh yea I shoulda said… I ride street…

you could get a different, cheaper, stronger rim, and save like $25.

the Nimbus II is a strong frame. Only $50 or so, too.

Dude, plastic pedals? K-1 and 125’s? Are you going to do flatland type ish stuff? Do you have another uni for going big, sets, etc.?

Sounds cool anyway though… Isn’t the monty a good street tire?

only thing i see wrong is plastice pedals, but that seems fine for doing stairs and stuff

Id say no to the plastic pedals, and yes to a KH frame. You should just go all out and make a good uni in every area.

ok so wait… forrest 125s are bad for street ? k ill get metal pedals I guess… and maybe a kh frame… my budget is kinda low right now tho… fricken car…

125’s are great for street, i don’t know what forrest is talking about, i rode a koxx1 hub and 110mm cranks for a long time and they held up great for street.

What do you ride now?

torker dx

I never said 125s are bad for street, they’re good, I was just wondering why you went from profiles (145) to Koxx 125’s.

Well if you do alot of rails and ledges, plastics would be nice. Oddysees(however the crap you spell it) plastics are really good. Metal pedals with grind plates would be okay but would suck if you did things like unispins and flips.(don’t know if your into that though).


Odyssey twisted plastic pedals are really good when they are brand new. If you do a lot of grinding then they will start to suck. I ride some really old odyssey plastics right now and they are perfect for my riding even though they have very little grip left, probably not as good for really big stuff because you want a lot of grip. When my feet slide off doing flatland it isn’t a big deal, if they slipped off hopping down a 10 set then well…ouch.

IF you like jumping sets and doing jumps into one foot and things like that then I would recommend trying out the 110’s, I love mine. I found I lost a bit of control when landing onto really skinny things (perpendicular to the wheel) but other than that I find them to be alot smoother and much faster meaning I can almost jump 8 sets without hopping.

Monty tyre (if its the new one [the holey one]) I have heard to be GREAT. But, that was from a trials rider (respectable one, Joe hodges 2nd in trials at unicon). Plastics are cool, really nice, depends how big you go.


Didn’t just sell a Nimbus II frame?
It sounds like a good set up.