New section to the OWO site

I’ve lumped stuff about riding etc together into it’s own mini-site as part of the main one.
the address is

I’d be greatfull if you told me what you think and how I should change it.

Many thanks

Re: New section to the OWO site

Looks pretty good to me. Only thing I’d be slightly careful about is the messageboard, in my experience it’s a good idea to arrange basic details such as dates for rides by email between a few people first and then put it up, to avoid everyone saying I can’t do this or that weekend.

Having said that I’ve got an idea for a little event that would fit nicely into this emu series by the way. I’ll pop something about it on your messageboard thingy in a minute.


Hey Joe (Rowing) have you been super busy lately? Well when things start to die down a bit and you have more free time, could you send me an email?