New seatpost needed

I just broke my GB4 post and i either need to replace it with a nother orfix it.
So can anyone locate one for me. Help me find one that fits that size or tell me what its made out of so i can weld it back together.

that cromaly stuff is funny. I need to know if it works better to weld it aluminium or steel

I am almost certain you can weld cromaly with a MIG welder, I may be wrong though, I would just try it and see.

Broke another post, Phil. :roll_eyes:

You should check Nothing on the site, but ive called them before, and they have tons of uni stuff. Pretty good prices too. E-mailing them would work too. lol

If hes going to buy another that will just break again I think it would be better just to fix the broken one and make it stronger so it doesnt break again.

Chromoly welds fine with a MIG welder.