New Seat

Hey, Yesterday i was riding my DX when my seat spilt in half. :angry: I am looking for a new light and durable seat for trials and street riding. Any suggestions?



Nice, you split all the way through the plastic! Sadly unless you spend the money on a carbon fiber seatbase, almost all saddles are just as weak as the DX. If you can’t afford to go carbon fiber then your only two other options which are more durable than the KH style are the viscount and UDC classic saddle - neither of which have handles nor are they that light due to their metal bases.

man, what were you doing to break it all the way through?
must grip that handle like a vice

what a quoincidine* that happened to me a couple weeks ago… i cant really help you on that question:(

i just got a cf base…

I’ll buy the seat!!!

and uhh
i know how to fix your new one (whatever you are getting)
weld another plate on top of it’s stock stiffener plate … or have it done for you
it will be literally 5 times stronger than what it comes with.

i think the newer stiffeners are better, but not much.

mine cracked in half as well with my sun


That looks like the old style KH base. This old gen base is still used on other-branded saddles made by Velo.

The new generation KH bases have a new design. Quite a bit of work including stress modelling was done to strengthen that area. It is stiffer and far stronger than the one you broke. The new gen base also has allen bolts instead of the dome nuts, which means there’s less chance of bashing your fingers and no need for a 10 mm wrench to tighten them.

The new base comes with the KH branded saddles as well as Nimbus saddles.


3+ year bump.


That’s funny - didn’t notice the date.


haha yeh, credit to masterfulmoron for that.

My unicycle seat broke and i wondered if it happened to anyone else, so I searched.

now my problem is that my axle has been loosed from the spokes