New seat

Well my new KH saddle came today so it sould make me a better rider right??? I mean it does have Kris Holmes’ name on it. LOL but seriously i’ve been riding a torker seat cause that’s what came on my torker and it’s always been a bit painfull on my er… uh… ya know… stuff. well i figured it was simply my torker saddle since i’ve heard other people complain about it before but now that i have the KH i took it out for a ride maybe a mile tops and it was still hurting. Any ideas?
Thanks for the help

Keep going… eventually you will become used to it. What I found extremely helpful was cycling shorts… these really do help.


your pain now is just the evil spirt of the Torker saddle leaving your body.your new seat will exercise the deamon.

Demons love exercise. It keeps them physically fit. If you want to get rid of a demon it is better to exorcise it. Demons don’t like exorcising. :stuck_out_tongue:


So i guess i’ll just keep at it then. It was definatly more comfortable then the torker was but still not great. I’ll keep going and hope it gets better. and maybe buy some cycling shorts.

If the Kh saddle doesnt work out. The tell me ive been meaning to buy one and would gladly buy it if its yellow.

I can’t get over this - someone called the Iron Munk complains that their seat is uncomfortable. What sort of Iron Munk is that?:wink:

You can adjust the saddle fore and aft and adjust the angle, and the height. You can wear suitable cycle shorts. Most of all, you can ride the bloomin’ thing until you stop noticing. It doesn’t hurt, it just feels different from your old one.

The youth of today… blah blah blah mumble rant…

It isn’t a freestyle sadle- pure MUni, designed to be kicked back, as has been noted; however, it doesn’t have rails, and the posts are only so long- washers under the seat-tube aren’t enough to correct the angle entirely- so it’s neather here nor there, devoid or deliverance from pain. Aside from the clumsy stapling, it seems well constructed


Re: thanks

Remember, you’re still sitting on your crotch. On a unicycle (riding freehand), you don’t have the advantage of a portion of your weight being supported by the handlebars like you do on a bike, where up to 40% of your weight is there. Also, your pelvic area is at a different angle on a unicycle seat, so it will always be different from a bike. Or a La Z Boy.

Also, saddle comfort is a very individual thing. There is definitely a wide range of crotch shapes, and personal tastes. Some people like Viscount seats, or the old gravy-boat Pashley seats. It’s what works for you that counts. I prefer Miyata with air, but my first KH seat is on its way to me as we speak.

No cycling shorts? No wonder you get sore. Good shorts make a huge difference. If you don’t like the look, you can get mountain bike shorts that look like regular shorts. But the padded crotch is where it’s at. Don’t buy too cheap; the better ones usually cost a little more. And for the most comfort, a single layer (regular bike shorts) will always be better.

Cycling shorts are worn directly against the skin. No underwear, unless it’s made special for cycling. The ladies don’t seem to mind…

In addition to the cycling shorts – a must – I always carry in my kit bag a tube of A&D ointment. As I’m gaining experience and acquiring better riding technique I’m needing the ointment less and less. Only on the longest MUni or Coker rides do I need to grease-up.

or coff coff baby powder, or the cheaper substitue (cornstarch)

This is for if the pain is coming from your sweaty skin rubbing and chaffing, not an uncomfortable saddle…but maybe it’s your skin and stuff causing the discomfort

Funny, saddle soreness used to be a big concern with me, now I ride to school on my Viscount (Coker)in Jeans.

Maybe I’m just too dang tough now