New seat...different seat...

So I got me a sweet new Nimbus gel saddle. I knew it’d be a snug fit on the KH seat post, but I had no idea how snug. I could barely get it on and when I did the front screws were just barely far enough past the post to get the nuts on.

Anyway, my question is this: how tight do I want the nuts? Right now they are tight on there but they could still be screwed down a bit. I figured too much tension would be bad, right? Wrong? Personal preference?

Tighten it enough to hold it on and check to make sure they aren’t loosening up before each ride. If you tighten them too much they can start digging into the base of the seat and sometimes the bolts poke through the endcaps of the nuts creating a sharp edge.

Don’t really crank them down. If you have acorn nuts it can actually break the bolts out of the seatbase. do like Brian O said. check them and make sure they are tight enough.