New Schwinn Stingray Tire/Rim

I just saw some pics of the new Schwin Stingray bicycle. It has a very wide 20 inch rim and tire. I hope these will be available separately. It would be fun to build a unicycle around this tire/rim combo.

Here’s a pic.



Here’s another pic.



Here’s a link to the site:

cheers… Mojoe

Wow, how wide is that thing? It looks well massive.


That is an interesting tire and an interesting bike. I’ve been wondering when the chopper bikes were going to go for the super wide rear tire chopper look.

The best part though, is when you click on the “where to buy” link on It says Toys"R"Us and Wal*Mart. :slight_smile:

Went to, and for $177.64 all this could be yours!:smiley:

That would make an interesting Uni. Maybe you could get the guys at OCC to fab you a frame. They seem to love themes. Uni-Chopper. :sunglasses:

OCC actually did some of the design of the new Sting-Ray. Check out the press release in the press room. That explains the wide rear tire.

someone better come wipe the drule off my key bord, that thing looks sweet!


My Stingray didn’t have a rear wheel like that when I was a young boy. “That’s not your Daddy’s Stingray!” --chirokid–

Is it bouncy? That’s going to take one W-I-D-E frame!

wow. those rims and tyres are huge. 36 spoke on the rear and 48 on the front. Not quite sure what use they would have except to look particuarly sweet. Maybe they’ll be REALLY bouncy…

I can’t believe that I made that comment, and they actually designed the bike. They also have the classic version coming out. I still have 90% of the orange one in my parents attic. I Franken BMXed it in the late 70’s. I wonder if I can find a picture of it somewhere.

I would still like to see what someone could do with this. Darren has done some interesting stuff, maybe he can make one with the OCC touch using that tire and wheel.

And a W-I-D-E hub.
I don’t think a standard width hub will work. The cranks would barely clear the width of the tire.

you’d think that instead of making a whole new rim and tyre,
at least one of the low rider manufacturers would make a 19x2.5 slick that would fit a trials rim that already in production.
no…they go completley over the top and make this crazy cartoon tyre. sure it’d look funny on a unicycle but you couldn’t realy use it for trials or freestyle.


Thanks for posting this thread.

I have a collection of '60’s and '70’s muscle bikes and choppers.


I will be building a wheel with that tire and rim as soon as I can get one.
I will buy the bike just to get the parts. It may be a while before they release the tire or rim on there own.

I will create a custom hub and frame. Can’t wait !
Looks like I will have a month wait.

Stay tuned,

Hey, anyone know if the rim aluminum? I couldn’t find it anywhere on the Schwinn site. This might make an interesting beach/sand uni.

As for the problem of the hub being too narrow and causing the cranks being swallowed by the rim, would fitting it with a x wide hub and cranks with a large Q factor help?


You could probably use a lot of the frame and maybe even the seat with a few mods. The fender would probably look cool on there too…

Does anyone know if you can buy just the rim and hub? or do you have the buy the whole bike?

Re: New Schwinn Stingray Tire/Rim

Harvy’s Bike Shop just got several of the bikes in.

Pics of the tire & rim at .

Who will be the first to lace one of these up into a MonsterUnicycle? --chirokid–