New Saddle

Has anyone tried this saddle?

Looks nice but bet it costs $$$$$.

Yes, yes and yes. They are works of art, they are handmade (not cheap) and they ride great. I don’t own one, but I’ve ridden some. I do have a Scott Wallis Death Grip handle on my MUni, which is great. It has come down super-hard on many a rock, which has barely left a mark on it.

Sold out right now, does anyone know if this saddle system will be available again (or atleast the handle)? Do you know how much it cost back then?

Looks amazing!

I seem to remember the bases going for $175, and the death grip was another $75. It was a while back so while the numbers aren’t too reliable it is at least a ballpark.

Looks a bit too curved.

That’s an air saddle on the SW cf base. The air saddles were all the rage many years back, but then seemed to fall out of favor when the KH fusion freeride hit the market. Some people still prefer the air saddle, but like a lot of others, I find it uncomfortable for long rides, no matter how much you “fiddle” with the amount of air, angle of saddle, etc. I am a “firm” believer that a firm saddle like the FFR with not so much curve, and dual density foam is ideal.

Of course, you could just max out the psi and make it super firm, but then that kindof defeats the purpose of an air saddle, IMO. It also makes it quite thick. But whatever works best for you. But the SW base is awesome, and according to his website, he is planning to start making them again, with new and improved features. Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

I would kill for a holeless deathgrip